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Data from: The legacy of the extinct Neotropical megafauna on plants and biomes

Dantas, Vinicius; Pausas, Juli

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  author       = {Dantas, Vinicius and
                  Pausas, Juli},
  title        = {{Data from: The legacy of the extinct Neotropical 
                   megafauna on plants and biomes}},
  month        = nov,
  year         = 2021,
  note         = {{The raw data with plant traits and species 
                   distribution does not contain missing values, but
                   missing values are present in the Ecoregion-level
                   dataset for ecoregion for which trait,
                   distribution, environmental, or disturbance data
                   was not available. Leaf spines data is for palm
                   species only, whereas data for other traits are
                   for woody species in general.  Abbreviation
                   Variable Name and Unit Mrich    Megafauna Species
                   Richness Mbm    Megafauna Mean Body Mass (g)
                   MGrich    Mega-Grazer Richness MBrich    Mega-
                   Browser Richness MMfrich    Mega-Mixed Feeder
                   Richness MGBdif    Mega Grazer-Browser Richness
                   Difference MAT    Mean Annual Temperature (oC) MAR
                   Mean Annual Rainfall (mm) RS    Rainfall
                   Seasonality (index) CEC    Soil Cation Exchange
                   Capacity ( pH    Soil pH SND    Soil
                   Sand Content (\%) FI    Fire Intensity (MW) FF
                   Fire Frequency (Counts) Hrich    Extant Mammal
                   Species Richness Hbm    Extant Mammal Mean Body
                   Mass HBrich    Extant Browser Richness HGrich
                   Extant Grazer Body Mass (g) HGBdif    Extant
                   Grazer-Browser Richness Difference INSUL
                   Insularity (presence-absence) HUR    Hurricanes
                   (count) SSp    Stem Spines (presence-absence) WD
                   Wood Density ( LSz    Leaf Size (cm2) LSp
                   Leaf Spines (presence-absence) LAT    Latex
  publisher    = {Zenodo},
  version      = 1,
  doi          = {10.5281/zenodo.5752131},
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