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Tribler/tribler: V7.11.0-RC1

Martijn de Vos; Lipu Fei; Niels Zeilemaker; Egbert Bouman; Vadim Bulavintsev; S. Pan; Elric Milon; Andrei Andreev; Quinten Stokkink; Boudewijn; Alexander Kozlovsky; Christian Clauss; Laurens Versluis; Rob Ruigrok; Paul Brussee; Chris Tanaskoski; Ardhi Putra Pratama; Captain-Coder; Pim Veldhuisen; Johan Pouwelse; Bulat Nasrulin; Rutger; Solomon1732; JeffGoderie; Riccardo Petrocco; wtud; Steffan Norberhuis; António Fraga; PetervB; Daniel Aleksandersen

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  <dc:creator>Martijn de Vos</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Lipu Fei</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Niels Zeilemaker</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Egbert Bouman</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Vadim Bulavintsev</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>S. Pan</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Elric Milon</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Andrei Andreev</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Quinten Stokkink</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Alexander Kozlovsky</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Christian Clauss</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Laurens Versluis</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Rob Ruigrok</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Paul Brussee</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Chris Tanaskoski</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Ardhi Putra Pratama</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Pim Veldhuisen</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Johan Pouwelse</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Bulat Nasrulin</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Riccardo Petrocco</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Steffan Norberhuis</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>António Fraga</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Daniel Aleksandersen</dc:creator>
v7.11.0 includes a feature to add tags to torrents and several bug fixes and improvements. Futher, the code has been refactored and simplified. A more detailed list of changes are listed below:

Add check on empty completions_list
Update build/win/makedist_win.bat
Install pip dependencies during Linux, Windows and MacOS build
Specify version of typing_extension (temporarily in makedist_win.bat)
Add typing_extensions to hiddenimports
Add more logging on shutdown
Fix for LookupError: unknown encoding: idna in resolve_addresses
Handle psutil.NoSuchProcess exception when calling psutil.Process(old_pid).status()
Remove lock file and flush logs when Tribler crashes
Suppress reporting of errors to Sentry on Tribler exit (necessary when run Tribler via Application Tester)
Do not report KeyboardInterrupt exception to Sentry
Suppress exception on failed write to stdout during the application shutdown
Specify versions in requirements.txt for all components
Update ru_RU translation
Add CoreRuntimeError to the error list that cause tribler shutdown
Fix bug with space inside filter field
Remove unused ErrorHandlingSettings
Fixed crash when editing tag
Update sentry
Remove obsolete hidden import pkg_resources.py2_warn
Fix "no module named typing_extensions" error on Windows
Fix "no module named pydantic" error on Windows
Fixes ZeroDivisionError in pyqtgraph\graphicsItems\
Fix ImportError "cannot import name dataclasses"
Changed click box of 'create tags' message
Explicitly name fixtures
Fixes #6263 - Tribler should open FeedbackDialog if error happend in Core during startup
Refactor error reporting chain
Added social media links to README
Remove an unnecessary second connection to the /events endpoint from GUI
Add ImportError filtering to patch_import
Remove unnecessary dependencies
Add the common package to dependency check
Add mock_import to docs build
Make requirements.txt a single source of trust for dependencies
Change documentation to pip install requirements.txt
Add test_to_fts_query for better coverage
Fixes #6514: Move to_fts_query to tribler_common.utilities from tribler_gui.utilities
Fixed emoji drawing in labels/combo box on Linux
Assigning random category to generated torrents
Embedding and loading Emoji font on Linux
Removed bitcoinlib logic from tribler.spec
Pass type of core exception to GUI, suppress reporting of repeated errors
Defensive programming for cases when tags_db is not available
Set failfast option to False when starting Tribler core; re-raise exception from component.start() in a separate task to prevent Tribler from crashing on start
Add should_stop field to TRIBLER_EXCEPTION notification from Core to GUI
Add MissedDependency subclass of ComponentError to avoid excessive traceback spam in log when a dependency for multiple components is missing
Fix and speedup hidden services test
Resetting window coordinates if not visible
Fixed Tribler window position on initial load
Avoid using default category/filters in tests
Fix search autosuggestions
Fixes #6455: incorrect search results when a query contains spaces
Remove unused code
Moved tag rect metadata to separate field in model
Add on_acknowledgement validation
Add on_write_request data size validation
Check user channel torrents in ascending order
Rename channel torrents checker methods
Update comments on torrent checker tests
Update test to check channel torrents
Add periodic checking of channel torrents health
Speed up tests for EVA protocol
Merge different modules and components
Moved torrent to the common module
Replace test torrent
Changed keyword in add tags dialog
Customized tag colors
Sort popular torrents on descending order of seeder count
Revert {pk, tag, infohash} clock
Verify tag not contains any spaces
Change threshold formula
Increased tag height and padding
Implemented tag suggestions
Made row height more dynamic
Add secondary key to Key Component
Improved the text in the add tags dialog
Saving tags on enter key press
Not showing edit tags dialog on button right click
Expand toplevel dir by default in add torrent dialog and downloads (#6464)
Fix losing selected files when switching to another download
Move RQC to MDS
Added GUI tests
Implemented multi-line tag editing
Decreased edit tag pencil size
Increased margins of dialog
Split text in dialog to two sentences
Limiting the number of tags shown
Added GUI elements for the tagging system
Made horizontal margin of DialogContainer flexible
Converting to forward slashes when loading images
Customized QCheckBox widgets in the GUI
Fixed index of stacked widget in settings page
Tree view for download details and add download dialog
Apply suggestions from PR
Add Tags feature
Merge Socks Server module and component
Modified shutdown procedure in GUI tests
Remove unnecessary lines
Merge reporter
Fixed Marshmallow REST schemas
Merge resource_monitor
Merge Popularity Component
Added GUI test for closing dialogs with ESC key
Fixed escape signal in the GUI
Fixed page title color inconsistency
Removed popular torrents explanation box
Add anyio-based happy eyeballs concurrent requests to remote Channels
Add anyio to third-party and requirements lists
Fixed status code check in REST API tests
Fixed GUI dialog position on show
Merge Payout
Update development_on_linux.rst (#6424): Fedora guide
Move libtorrent utils
Fixes #6358: correct component's shutdown
Removed channels from metadata endpoint docstring
Changed hover cursor of buttons in settings pane
Changed the color of the browse button icon
Fixes #6407: RESTManager.get_endpoint(endpoint_name) should return None instead of raising KeyError if the endpoint does not exist
Slightly increased width of 'health' column
Adding visual indicator on search bar focus
Introduce init and unload methods in ipv8_component
Rename events to avoid misunderstanding them as bool attributes: started -&gt; started_event, unused -&gt; unused_event
Fixes component.unused event (it was set always)
Fixes #6359: handle exceptions in component's shutdown() method
Fix base component tests
Rename a component attribute: in_use_by -&gt; reverse_dependencies
Rename a component attribute: components_used_by_me -&gt; dependencies
Adopt to the new components system
Remove file
Remove empty comment
Rename BandwidthAccountingCommunity file
Add PR policies
Remove unused variables from
Removed redraw on mouse movement
Merge masterkey
Fixed row selection when scrolling
Fixed row deselection when scrolling/moving mouse
Cleanup imports in component files
Add missed readable status in TorrentCheckerComponent
Add @pytest.mark.asyncio to test functions
Pass named arguments to init_endpoints and init_ipv8_endpoints for better readability
Call base run() method of RestfulComponent
Stop prepending ipv8 endpoints with slashes
Extract RestfulComponent.init_ipv8_endpoints() method from RestfulComponent.init_endpoints()
Release rest endpoints in RestfulComponent.shutdown()
Connect to real endpoints in tests instead of just mocking them
Fixes #6360: Optional dependency on REST manager in components
Fixed test_popular_page
Significantly reduced number of redraws in GUI
Fixed minor bug when reloading table view
Implement row deselection on mouse leave
Removed redundant hoverrow variable
Move gigachannel community to the corresponding component
Fix family filter
Fix ghost downloads progress bar in Channels
Fix dropping selected files on change anonymity in download dialog
Fix race condition in the GUI
Fix incorrect usage of string column names instead of enums
Fix incorrect text filter on going back in Channels
Replace magic number in GUI
Remove config.torrent_checking.enabled
Fix hidden_peer_discovery experiment
Fix initial_filling experiment
Merge bandwidth_accounting
Add freezegun to requirements-test
Fix corner-case bump amount problem in VSIDS
Fix test squash_mdblobs failing randomly
Fix random fails in chunk splitting test
Add pytest asyncio markers to components tests
Reduce force shutdown waiting time
Fix ProcessChecker usage
Move tests to proper dir in tribler-common
Move ProcessChecker to tribler-common
Move osutils to tribler-common
Fix crash on race condition on show results button in GUI
Fix crash on trying to go back on empty Channels stack in the GUI
Increase maximum request size for AIOHTTP to 2MB
Demote some logging messages to debug level
Fix GUI tests not starting after refactoring
Move components to one folder up
Add base tests for components
Fix test_dependency_missed
Remove None checks from shutdown
Remove "required" option from Component.use()
Switch "use" usage from "Mock" to "None"
Remove "enable_in_gui_test_mode" and "enabled" from Component class
Remove components interfaces
Remove should_be_enabled and make_implementation
Move components_gen to
Increased width of the 'subscribed' section
Fixed vertical text alignment in table headers
Fixed on_report_sent callback in GUI tests
Removed unused TickWidgetItem
Fix adding FFA entries on torrentinfo calls (#6349)
Remove calls ipv8.overlays.append(community)
Switch to modern IPv8 Community addition
Fixed db loading of bandwidth accounting
Fixed shutdown in GUI test mode
Using separate channel db in GUI test mode
Fix race condition on SOCKS server startup (#6336)
Fix notifier not working from a thread (#6337)
Fix community component shutdown leaving stuff behind
Change gaierror import
Fix GUI crash on CheckClickedMixin accessing non-existing column (#6321)
Increase EVA tests timeout
Update requirements.txt (#6325)
Add .readthedocs.yml file to use python3.8
Fix documentation issue with swagger extraction
Add tests for Download get_extended_status
Add missing attribution to froze_it wrapper
Fix debug endpoint crashing on disabled profiler
Set exitnode cache path on Tunnel community initialization
Update the main doc
Remove obsolete parts
Remove dangling stub tab in Channels Debug pane
Fix loading placeholder item clickable in downloads list
Remove DEBIAN (caps, now obsolete) directory from build
Fix dch changelog for special characters
Fix debian/changelog file
Compose dch changelog using git commits
Remove dch command from file
Update debian packaging files and script
Fix argument checking in
Extract make_config() function
Move port action classes closer to main() function
Remove unnecessary loop fixture from tests
Test for missed optional dependency
Optional component dependencies: self.use(SomeComponent, required=False)
Base component tests
Rename: -&gt;
Output component's initialization error to stderr
Remove unused imports
Don't create a Tribler subfolder in the Start
Add teen* back on the blocklist
Don't filter any groups of people out of existence
Remove IPv8 hidden imports in tribler.spec
Test for initialization of Ipv8ComponentImp in GUI test mode
Add tests for better coverage of Ipv8ComponentImp
Fixes #6269, fixes #6270: DiscoveryCommunity and DHTDiscoveryCommunity disregards config setting
Fixes #6267: crash when clicking in channel with torrent_checking disabled
Fixes #6266: uncaught error when starting with tunnel_community disabled
Fixes #6265: start Tribler with ipv8 disabled
Fixes #6255: make faifast an option of the Session.start() method
Fixes #6262, fixes #6268: correct delayed initialization of endpoints
Fixes #6257: restore lint checks for tests
Fixes #6250, fixes #6251: each community should use a separate bootstrapper
Fixes #6245: fix DiscoveryCommunity target_peers number of RandomWalk strategy
Initial version of components tests
Remove obsolete commented out code
Fix GUI tests
Pylint fixes
Make Session object a context manager
Simplify create_state_directory_structure
Use STATEDIR_DB_DIR instead of a hardcoded path component
Refactoring: remove tribler_core/ to simplify code structure
Simplify components API
Renaming: core_test_mode -&gt; gui_test_mode
Renaming: TrustchainComponent -&gt; MasterKeyComponent
Annotate inherited methods with types
Move ipv8 endpoints initialization into corresponding components
Refactor Trustchain keypair and Sentry reporter into components
Simplified components with mocks
Merge DHTDiscoveryCommunityComponent and DiscoveryCommunityComponent to Ipv8Component
Merge Ipv8BootstrapperComponent into Ipv8Component
Merge Ipv8PeerComponent into Ipv8Component
Remove obsolete json encoding (not supported in Python 3.9)
Delete old session tests
Disable lint checking tests
Rename session to rest_api in endpoint tests
Small refactor of TrustViewEndpoint
Rename component attributes
Refactor SOCKS5 servers initialization
Refactor run_tribler
Fix GUI tests
Refactor tunnels community to get downloads info via polling
Fix tunnels test
Fix shutdown
Move components implementation to a dedicate folder
Statically typed components
Fix GigaChannelCommunity.create_introduction_response signature to satisfy linter
Fix download enpoint tests
Tunnel test fixes
Fix channels download test
Upgrader works
Everything works
Update ipv8 pointer
More async refactoring
Config fixes
Asynchronous start of components
Fix GUI not starting
Small refactor
Revert tool's example
Rename Factory and add Component Mixin
Fix channel endpoint tests
Fix search endpoint tests
DI v1 (no tests)
Restore endpoints
Remove launchers and fix some tests
Add a bash script to build documentation
fix: doc/requirements.txt to reduce vulnerabilities
Silently pass when user tries to add duplicate torrents to channel
Fix removing all peers for channel, instead of the failing one
Add pydantic dependency check
Add 3 decimal precision on token graph
Update token balance graph data axis
Disable EVA timeout in test_duplex
Remove Session god-mediator-object
Remove DateAxisItem custom implementation
Add mock for sentry modules in doc
Add pydantic as doc dependency
Add missing dependencies for building docs
Remove database_blob from codebase
Remove glitchy flake8 option
Show individual overlay peers in the debug panel
Add config-env relationship to TriblerConfig
Remove get_hiddenimports
Change session community loader logic
Extract preconditions from communities loaders
Extract loaders from
Removed unused print
Add shutdown call to created mds instances
Delete test artifacts
Refactor tribler communities structure
Disable EVA terminate by timeout in test_multiply_duplex
Add pydantic
Disable EVA timeout in test_dynamically_changed_window_size
Fix display name capitalization
Fixed MockDHTProvider import path
Updated IPv8 pointer
Add types
Split tribler_config.spec
Remove getters and setters
Add put and get for paths
Refactor constructor(), load() and save()
Adopt AppStream
Remove references of json_util
Remove generated test data from gitignore
Remove port assignation from config
Refactor network utils
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