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ON-MERRIT D2.2. Participation and impact report

Fava, Ilaria; Cole, Nicki Lisa; Correia, Antonia; Fessl, Angela; Reichmann, Stefan

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  "title": "ON-MERRIT D2.2. Participation and impact report", 
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  "abstract": "<p>The document reports on the participatory methods and co-creation activities performed during ON-MERRIT, which constitute an integral element of the project. The co-creation activities in the project include participatory involvement in problem-formulation, methods design, and active co-construction of policy recommendations. This deliverable examines these activities, assesses stakeholder engagement and targeted engagement activities within ON-MERRIT and then summarises the outcomes of ON-MERRIT Task T2.3 (&ldquo;Co-creation activities&rdquo;) and provides an update on Task 2.4 (&ldquo;Final validation workshop&rdquo;, to take place in February 2022).</p>\n\n<p>The co-creation activities took place in every work package with different implementations, depending on the research needs; from community feedback to expert engagement to surveys and workshops, each of these activities aimed to verify and confirm that the research was solid and aligned with best practices.</p>\n\n<p>Despite the promising premises, however, the co-creation instrument proved to need careful planning and strong links with the communities we intended to engage with to ensure adequate participation. Nonetheless, the co-creation experience so far proved to be a useful tool that might be employed even beyond the SwafS projects, as a method to check the validity, on a regular basis, of research and project findings and recommendations with the stakeholders, who will be the recipients of those suggestions.</p>", 
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      "family": "Fava, Ilaria"
      "family": "Cole, Nicki Lisa"
      "family": "Correia, Antonia"
      "family": "Fessl, Angela"
      "family": "Reichmann, Stefan"
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