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Dataset supplementing Stoll, J., Thrun, M., Nuthmann, A., & Einhäuser, W. (2015). Overt attention in natural scenes: Objects dominate features. Vision Research, 107, 36-48. doi: 10.1016/j.visres.2014.11.006

Stoll, Josef; Thrun, Michael; Nuthmann, Antje; Einhäuser, Wolfgang

These data supplement the publication

Stoll, J., Thrun, M., Nuthmann, A., & Einhäuser, W. (2015). Overt attention in natural scenes: Objects dominate features. Vision Research, 107, 36-48. doi: 10.1016/j.visres.2014.11.006

and be used freely for scientific purposes provided the aforementioned paper is appropriately cited.

Note that the image files cannot be provided on this site due to copyright restrictions.

The dataset contains the following files:

maps_01.mat - maps_72.mat:

For each image the 6 maps used in the paper are contained, the maps of experiment 1 are labelled as in the paper (AWS, OOM, nOOM, PVL,UNI), AWS2 is the AWS map for the modified stimuli of experiments 2 and 3.

exp?_fixations.mat contains all fixations of the respective experiment.

For experiment 1, there are the variables xFix, yFix, durFix, which contain the x position, the y condition, and the fixation duration of each fixation. Dimensions are images x subjects x fixation number, where the first fixation is the 0th (initial) fixation. The variable condition (image x subject) contains the condition in which the respective image was shown to the subject. For the main analysis only the "0" condition was used, refer to the paper's appendix for the other conditions.

For experiment 2 and 3, variables are called xFixByImage, yFixByImage, dFixByImage and the dimensions are subject x image x fixation number. In addition tFixByImage contains the start of the fixation relative to trial onset (negative for the 0th fixation).
In both cases, empty entries are filled with nans.

computeROC.m is a helper function called by other functions.

figure1.m through figure7.m reproduce the figures from the paper to exemplify data usage.


The research was supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG; grants: EI 852/1 and SFB/TRR 135).
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maps_02.mat md5:46565a9cc41343e5ca3d342923e93ec2 18.0 MB Download
maps_03.mat md5:1b98830e09bcf7efb9a42e5571443f73 18.0 MB Download
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maps_07.mat md5:7a275aeefae41c4a8f1998d7ce877ad2 18.0 MB Download
maps_08.mat md5:f2d49841e67a00968e3d7e1151b38aa1 18.1 MB Download
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maps_13.mat md5:3ca0c10168060d4fa131f0e0db84091a 18.0 MB Download
maps_14.mat md5:15997b5b735646b979773fdc11d88c7d 17.9 MB Download
maps_15.mat md5:a9386cdaa2b318f6cdfb9c07e41abb58 17.9 MB Download
maps_16.mat md5:24f857a2f1035e369c047ea4604a8ea0 18.0 MB Download
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maps_18.mat md5:171b7f7104c9c249ce670f5915c39d85 18.2 MB Download
maps_19.mat md5:941d292c0b7d5b785f59faa5325c81c0 17.8 MB Download
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maps_21.mat md5:969aa13e2310724a2c7b47356cfde5dc 18.0 MB Download
maps_22.mat md5:09239e6c1e2659a86dd0781bb3af8ec4 18.1 MB Download
maps_23.mat md5:2eb413fbee61ad65b7b89bed5dd8bae0 17.6 MB Download
maps_24.mat md5:262e6c172a9a71c042b16d27fb0ed499 18.0 MB Download
maps_25.mat md5:d03c33aa71f908f5bafbc8261562d6d1 18.1 MB Download
maps_26.mat md5:c260ea42b797b8fbd91bf6c26c6e1c9e 17.9 MB Download
maps_27.mat md5:b3ffca6a5788031d80ad70069856afc9 18.0 MB Download
maps_28.mat md5:f3964205220a3005b2ac84cf439bee62 17.8 MB Download
maps_29.mat md5:d8a0ebd0be607a23bf2207993aefc254 18.0 MB Download
maps_30.mat md5:6748d3373a03aaa66620a3f880d2ddab 18.1 MB Download
maps_31.mat md5:0850507fe193c938e5ed85fcafe2c3f0 17.8 MB Download
maps_32.mat md5:e6119e77ad73ceb65aa20d725a458e1f 17.8 MB Download
maps_33.mat md5:d445cefb3aed9e5e061d75a37ed97fb1 17.9 MB Download
maps_34.mat md5:a2189449f52b6e8b20ad9260785068c5 18.2 MB Download
maps_35.mat md5:48412e4b0793718d03286b74085f4d91 17.9 MB Download
maps_36.mat md5:b7d435f65bb4ba8b8e53721e7166cf1d 17.8 MB Download
maps_37.mat md5:b95ae9c8016f59077c55de99aa79e757 18.0 MB Download
maps_38.mat md5:20c6e19866b5fa9b49c6ab8a99f553c8 18.0 MB Download
maps_39.mat md5:4d8b2d22e136f4cecece4637a3e63f6d 18.1 MB Download
maps_40.mat md5:417e0dc3876190c6aabebe79efb6bb3d 18.0 MB Download
maps_41.mat md5:210d314c2c8a8510b4466d27fd6a3088 18.0 MB Download
maps_42.mat md5:12ee99d470e1c1e8b23cd8a0b6c48ab7 18.0 MB Download
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maps_45.mat md5:b76003bc5bdc6619d931c7d75489b1a7 18.2 MB Download
maps_46.mat md5:593e2c3e2b745dbbb0b9874885cb5b03 18.1 MB Download
maps_47.mat md5:7271d7f6d33131b80195c2cb08768061 17.8 MB Download
maps_48.mat md5:c5345eed0ba2ae721da067982fa8425a 18.1 MB Download
maps_49.mat md5:12dc831fe3d4324f903877259e5f8c4a 18.1 MB Download
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maps_51.mat md5:c66a0687e05239916712429037b80842 18.0 MB Download
maps_52.mat md5:b633e03d3eb3f2297d62c13f5f1d98c4 18.0 MB Download
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maps_55.mat md5:a5240610c7e3a34e3329ad947e99fab6 17.9 MB Download
maps_56.mat md5:8cb11d1297ad09f95cb8710e9a9aa330 18.1 MB Download
maps_57.mat md5:2a76e8c560f9dd8c2ee1cccebc9d8e90 18.0 MB Download
maps_58.mat md5:09e6d24d9df1734e447304acc755186e 18.0 MB Download
maps_59.mat md5:c560d7de87501f1232aad764006c5559 18.1 MB Download
maps_60.mat md5:56c4cc0ae35c644dd9ec3465b615fff1 17.9 MB Download
maps_61.mat md5:050fae6b5d66bb8f8c86b12ce8db4dae 17.8 MB Download
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maps_65.mat md5:84bd7cbf96427a56bfd84723e35bc4ad 17.9 MB Download
maps_66.mat md5:2b29c2d11c989bed14dc2e0b6a3d9419 17.9 MB Download
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maps_69.mat md5:3fff20f9d2186940f26e5ba6d66f0831 18.0 MB Download
maps_70.mat md5:0410b976e20268f177a11187b5ca5a92 18.0 MB Download
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