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VIP: Vortex Image Processing Package for High-Contrast Direct Imaging

Gomez Gonzalez Carlos Alberto

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  <identifier identifierType="DOI">10.5281/zenodo.573261</identifier>
      <creatorName>Gomez Gonzalez Carlos Alberto</creatorName>
      <affiliation>University of Liege</affiliation>
    <title>Vip: Vortex Image Processing Package For High-Contrast Direct Imaging</title>
    <subject>Image processing</subject>
    <subject>Astronomical high-contrast imaging</subject>
    <date dateType="Issued">2015-06-01</date>
  <resourceType resourceTypeGeneral="Software"/>
    <alternateIdentifier alternateIdentifierType="url"></alternateIdentifier>
    <relatedIdentifier relatedIdentifierType="URL" relationType="IsSupplementedBy"></relatedIdentifier>
    <rights rightsURI="">Creative Commons Attribution 4.0</rights>
    <rights rightsURI="info:eu-repo/semantics/openAccess">Open Access</rights>
    <description descriptionType="Abstract">&lt;p&gt;The Vortex Image Processing (VIP) library is a python package dedicated to astronomical high-contrast imaging. VIP relies on the extensive python stack of scientific libraries and aims to provide a flexible framework for high-contrast data and image processing. VIP implements functionalities for building high-contrast data processing pipelines, encompassing pre- and post-processing algorithms, potential sources position and flux estimation, and sensitivity curves generation. Among the reference point-spread function subtraction techniques for ADI post-processing, VIP includes non-negative matrix factorization (NMF), Local Low-rank plus Sparse plus Gaussian-noise decomposition (LLSG) and several flavors of principal component analysis (PCA) based algorithms, such as annular PCA and incremental PCA algorithm capable of processing big datacubes (of several gigabytes) on a computer with limited memory. VIP is available at and is accompanied with Jupyter notebook tutorials illustrating the main functionalities of the library. &lt;/p&gt;</description>
      <funderName>European Commission</funderName>
      <funderIdentifier funderIdentifierType="Crossref Funder ID">10.13039/501100000780</funderIdentifier>
      <awardNumber awardURI="info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/EC/FP7/337569/">337569</awardNumber>
      <awardTitle>Taking extrasolar planet imaging to a new level with vector vortex coronagraphy</awardTitle>
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