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PMassicotte/eemR: eemR 0.1.5

Philippe Massicotte

  • Improuved plot visualisation to th esame look and feel as those produced in Matlab with DrEEM.

  • Use file name as is for the name of the eem.

  • Reading Cary Eclipse files is more robust at detecting correct excitation wavelengths.

  • eemR can now read Fluoromax-4 files (#40).

  • eem_cut() gains a logical argument exact. If TRUE, only wavelengths matching em and/or ex will be removed. If FALSE, all wavelengths in the range of em and/or ex will be removed.

  • Taking into account cuvette size to calculate the 1.5 threshold proposed by Kothawala when correcting for IFE.

  • Inner-filter effect correction factors are now corrected correctly. Because fluorescence is assumed to be measured in 1 cm cuvette, absorbance is now expressed per centimeter.

  • Better guessing the number of columns of the fluorescence matrix produced by Cary Eclipse software.

  • Fixed many typos.

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