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High Sensitivity, High Selectivity SERS Detection of MnSOD Using Optical Nanoantennas Functionalized with Aptamers

Cottat, Maxirnilien; DAndrea, Cristiano; Yasukuni, Ryohei; Malashikhina, Natalia; Grinyte, Ruta; Lidgi-Guigui, Nathalie; Fazio, Barbara; Sutton, Angela; Oudar, Olivier; Charnaux, Nathalie; Pavlov, Valery; Toma, Andrea; Di Fabrizi, Enzo; Gucciardi, Pietro; Lamy de la Chapelle, Marc

In this paper, we present the development of a highly sensitive, specific and reproducible nanobiosensor to detect one specific liver cancer biomarker, the manganese super oxide dismutase (MnSOD). The high sensitivity and reproducibility was reached by using SERS on gold nanostructures (nanocylinders and coupled nanorods) produced by electron-beam lithography (EBL). The specificity of the detection was provided by the use of a specific aptamer with high affinity to the targeted protein as a recognition element. With such a sensor, we have been able to observe the SERS signal of the MnSOD at concentrations down to the nM level and to show with negative control that this detection is specific due to the use of the aptamer. This latter issue has allowed us to detect the MnSOD in different body fluids (serum and saliva) at concentrations in the nM range. We have then demonstrated the effectiveness of our SERS nanobiosensor using aptamer as a bioreceptor for the detection of disease biomarker at low concentration and in complex fluids.

Authors acknowledge the European project Nanoantenna (HEALTH-F5-2009-241818) for the financial support. PGG, BF and CD'A acknowledge MIUR (PRIN 2008J858Y7 and PON01_01322 PANREX), RY and MLC acknowledge PIRANEX ANR project (ANR-12-NANO-0016). V.P. and R.G. acknowledge the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain (BIO2014-59741-R).
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