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espenhgn/LFPy: LFPy-2.2.2

Espen Hagen; Torbjørn Vefferstad Ness; Henrik Lindén; solveignaess; Alessio Buccino; eivindn; Svenn-Arne Dragly; Robin De Schepper; AlexStasik; Min RK; Szymon Łęski

Release notes

This is the 2nd maintenance release for LFPy-2.2.


This bugfix release contains the following changesets since https://github.com/LFPy/LFPy/releases/tag/v2.2: 5986b4f (HEAD -> master, tag: v2.2.2, origin/master, origin/HEAD) bump version to 2.2.2 (#351) 8c92ac2 lintly must be happy ea6d09b updated Dockerfile recipe (#349) 5f2b8db add platform aarch64 (#347) 5ca29ad Add missing length attribute to DummyCell class (#344) 6a6d7d3 Fix DeprecationWarning w. neuron.run() (#336) e2019bc Remove mocked packages mpi4py and neuron (#334) 14a9ab7 formatting b38146f Better support for platform osx-arm64 (#329) 23449af remove MEAutility from dependencies (#327) 669967e (tag: v2.2.1) prep 2.2.1 release (#324) 9eb9fba fixed gathering of somavs if number of cells < MPI::Size (#323) aa0a3ba pick random connections using np.random.binomial (#321) b49e726 Fix 315 317 (#320) 6d77e21 fix DeprecationWarnings (#314) 3812f63 fix for h5py < 3 (#313) f419c92 pass weightFunction to network.connect (#309) 78634c4 custom_fun(cell) must be assumed (#308) 977b507 convert __create_sectionlists method to protected (#307) 7aaf9df Update README.md

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