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ASpecD Version 0.6.2

Till Biskup

ASpecD is a Python framework for handling spectroscopic data focussing on reproducibility. In short: Each and every processing step applied to your data will be recorded and can be traced back, and additionally, for each representation of your data (e.g., figures, tables) you can easily follow how the data shown have been processed and where they originate from.

What is even better: Actual data processing and analysis no longer requires programming skills, but is as simple as writing a text file summarising all the steps you want to have been performed on your dataset(s) in an organised way.

Released 2021-11-16


  • New parameter ytickcount for aspecd.plotting.SinglePlotter2DStacked to control maximum number of yticks
  • New parameter tight_layout for aspecd.plotting.Plotter to prevent labels from getting clipped


  • Recipe containing a MultiplotTask does not contain datasets as dicts
  • PlotTask with automatically generated filenames and >1 datasets writes correct filenames to figure record in recipe
  • CompositePlotter sets plot style of plotters
  • Grammar in dataset.tex template
  • Colophon of report via ReportTask contains default package set in recipe
  • CompositePlotter does not add plotters of subfigures to list of dataset representations and list of dataset tasks
  • Escaping of "_" in LaTeX templates
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