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kipoi/models: v2021-11-15


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  <dc:description>What's Changed

Fixed folder structure for epidermal_basset by @haimasree in
Fixed ci by @haimasree in
SeqVec removed by @haimasree in
Parallelized CI by @haimasree in
Attempting to add seqvec back to ci by @haimasree in
Added xpresso dataloader by @haimasree in
Update model-template.yaml of Xpresso to use recent version of kipoiseq by @haimasree in
Adding cython by @haimasree in
Added default arguments to Xpresso's yaml representation by @haimasree in
Unpin kipoi packages and upgrade python 3.5 to 3.6 by @haimasree in
Fixed ci by @haimasree in
Added DeepFlyBrain by @itaskiran in
Fixed ci by @haimasree in
Pinning deepfly dependencies by @haimasree in
Fixed ci by @haimasree in
Upgrading base docker image of ci by @haimasree in
Machine executor added by @haimasree in
Fixed date_release job by @haimasree in
Add seqvec back to ci by @haimasree in
Fixed kipoisplice by @haimasree in
Add APARENT model by @Hoeze in
Improved aparent dependencies by @haimasree in
Updating preprocessing-variant-effects to reflect the current status in kipoi-veff2 intead of kipoi-veff by @haimasree in
Adding resource class to machine instance by @haimasree in
Fixed ci by @haimasree in
Removing postprocessing field from model.yaml by @haimasree in
Fixed ci by @haimasree in
Adding singularity and docker container info by @haimasree in
Add tests with singularity containers by @haimasree in

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  <dc:title>kipoi/models: v2021-11-15</dc:title>
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