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kipoi/models: v2021-11-15


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  "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.5703213", 
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  "conceptdoi": "10.5281/zenodo.1636316", 
  "created": "2021-11-15T16:41:52.477728+00:00", 
  "updated": "2022-07-11T14:12:37.318178+00:00", 
  "conceptrecid": "1636316", 
  "revision": 6, 
  "id": 5703213, 
  "metadata": {
    "access_right_category": "success", 
    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.5703213", 
    "description": "What's Changed\n<ul>\n<li>Fixed folder structure for epidermal_basset by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Fixed ci by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>SeqVec removed by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Parallelized CI by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Attempting to add seqvec back to ci by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Added xpresso dataloader by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Update model-template.yaml of Xpresso to use recent version of kipoiseq by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Adding cython by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Added default arguments to Xpresso's yaml representation by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Unpin kipoi packages and upgrade python 3.5 to 3.6 by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Fixed ci by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Added DeepFlyBrain by @itaskiran in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Fixed ci by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Pinning deepfly dependencies by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Fixed ci by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Upgrading base docker image of ci by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Machine executor added by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Fixed date_release job by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Add seqvec back to ci by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Fixed kipoisplice by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Add APARENT model by @Hoeze in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Improved aparent dependencies by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Updating preprocessing-variant-effects to reflect the current status in kipoi-veff2 intead of kipoi-veff by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Adding resource class to machine instance by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Fixed ci by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Removing postprocessing field from model.yaml by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Fixed ci by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Adding singularity and docker container info by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n<li>Add tests with singularity containers by @haimasree in <a href=\"\"></a></li>\n</ul>\n<p><strong>Full Changelog</strong>: <a href=\"\"></a></p>", 
    "license": {
      "id": "other-open"
    "title": "kipoi/models: v2021-11-15", 
    "relations": {
      "version": [
          "count": 30, 
          "index": 26, 
          "parent": {
            "pid_type": "recid", 
            "pid_value": "1636316"
          "is_last": false, 
          "last_child": {
            "pid_type": "recid", 
            "pid_value": "6818239"
    "version": "v2021-11-15", 
    "publication_date": "2021-11-15", 
    "creators": [
        "affiliation": "EMBL", 
        "name": "Haimasree"
    "access_right": "open", 
    "resource_type": {
      "type": "software", 
      "title": "Software"
    "related_identifiers": [
        "scheme": "url", 
        "identifier": "", 
        "relation": "isSupplementTo"
        "scheme": "doi", 
        "identifier": "10.5281/zenodo.1636316", 
        "relation": "isVersionOf"
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