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ggally: v1.2.0

Barret Schloerke; François Briatte; bigbeardesktop; Jason Crowley; justsomeone1001; Dianne Cook; Eduardo Ibanez; Ross; Kevin Ogden; Joseph; FabianRoger; Marcus W Beck; Jakob Richter; elbamos; Carson; Christoph Schmidt; Edwin; John Muschelli; Kirill Müller; Ben Bolker; Yihui Xie; The Gitter Badger; Heike Hofmann; Gökçen Eraslan; Facundo Muñoz; Chuanxin

GGally 1.2.0

install requirements

  • relaxed install requirements on grid (5d06dfc, d57469a, 933bb14, 73b314d)

ggduo - New!

  • plot two grouped data in a plot matrix (#173)
  • helpful for plotting two sets of columns, multivariate analysis, and canonical correlation analysis
  • be sure to check out the examples!

ggally_smooth_loess - New!

  • uses the loess method with drawing a line (1552f96)

ggally_smooth_lm - New!

  • uses the lm method with drawing a line (1552f96)
  • alias of ggally_smooth


  • fixed bug strips where causing spacing issue when printing axis labels (174630d)


  • fixed bug where checking for the package 'intergraph' couldn't be reached


  • changed default of plotting multiple censored data color to match the survival line

package testing

  • added many more tests!

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