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GNSS-SDR v0.0.8

Carles Fernandez; Javier Arribas; Luis Esteve

This is a maintenance and bug fix release with no relevant new features with respect to v0.0.7. The main changes are:

  • Fixed a bug that broke building when using latest VOLK release
  • Updated PYBOMBS instructions
  • Added Tests for FFT length
  • Added Tests for CUDA-based tracking
  • Added Tests for SIMD-based tracking
  • Improved CUDA-based correlation.
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed building in mips and powerpc architectures.
  • gr-gn3s and gr-dbfcttc moved to its own repository.
  • Improved package reproducibility
  • VOLK_GNSSSDR: Fixed a bug in AVX2 puppet
  • VOLK_GNSSSDR: can now be built using the C98 standard
  • VOLK_GNSSSDR: Fixed a bug that broke building when linking to Boost in some configurations.
  • VOLK_GNSSSDR: Added an option to trigger profiling at building time.
  • VOLK_GNSSSDR: Fix the CMake-based check for posix_memalign.

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