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Auryn: adaptor for general-purpose digital microfluidic Biochips

Trojok, RĂ¼diger; Volpato, Alessandro; Alistar, Mirela; Schubert, Jorma

Digital microfluidics programs biology by transporting drop-
lets on an electrode array. Droplets can carry a variety of flu-
ids (e.g., biological samples, nutrient media, buffers, reagents),
and their transportation is entirely programmable. Biology is
becoming digital through digital microfluidics.
We have developed a cyberphysical system that offers hard-
ware support for digital biology. The main piece of our system
is a digital microfluidic biochip (Auryn) developed for gen-
eral-purpose use. We designed Auryn to be mounted on top of
lab-on-a chip device (OpenDrop). The droplets are trans-
ported on an electrode array shielded by an ITO glass cover.
Our Auryn is easy to reproduce with available personal fabri-
cation machines, and we supplement the design files open
source. As future work, we will further fabricate specialized
microfluidic biochips using inkjet printed electronics.

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