Artifact for VIP: Verifying Real-World C Idioms with Integer-Pointer Casts

There are two versions of the artifact: an archive vip_artifact.tgz that is suitable for installing the artifact on a 64-bits Linux machine, and a virtual machine image vip_artifact.ova containing pre-installed dependencies as well as the pre-built artifact.

Using the archive

Assuming you the vip_artifact.tgz archive has been downloaded to the current working directory, simply run the command

tar -xf vip_artifact.tgz

and visit file the_artifacat/ to continue.

Note: the archive version of the artifact has only been tested on 64-bits, Linux machines (running either Debian/Ubuntu or Archlinux). It may be possible to also use the artifact on macOS, but we did not check.

Using the virtual machine

To run the VM with VirtualBox (we only tested version 6.1.18), simply download and open file vip_artifact.ova. The VM contains a pre-built version of the archive version of the artifact. It can be found in the ~/Desktop/vip_artifact directory of the VM. To continue, visit file ~/Desktop/vip_artifact/

Note: the VM has a user "vagrant" with password (also) "vagrant".

Note: as the VM comes with the VirtualBox Guest Additions, the screen size should change automatically when resizing the window. It might be necessary to resize the window once for the automatic resizing to kick in.

Note: you can go to "Applications > Settings > Keyboard > Layout" to alter the keyboard's layout. Add the desired variant with the "Add" button, and then move it to the top of the list.

Note: the VM comes with coqide pre-installed so that you can use it when you want to step through Coq .v files.

Development repositories (latest version)

The latest version of the tools that this artifact extends can be found in the following development repositories:

  • RefinedC (commit hash of included version: 13f33068ec3815aafd253fbd7b5ed3aabf612dd5),
  • Cerberus (commit hash of included version: 7eb94d628845555cb5425f4f4b48890b345efdc5).