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larmarange/labelled: labelled 2.9.0

Joseph Larmarange; Michał Bojanowski; iago-pssjd; Bastiaan Quast; Dieter Menne; Hadley Wickham; Patrick Anker; Salim B; Gregor Dutz

look_for() improvements:

  • new function look_for_and_select() (#87)
  • look_for() can now search within factor levels and value labels (#104)

improvements for tagged NAs:

  • better printing of value labels (#89)
  • new functions user_na_to_tagged_na(), tagged_na_to_user_na() and tagged_na_to_regular_na()
  • new option explicit_tagged_na in to_factor() and to_character()
  • new functions unique_tagged_na(), duplicated_tagged_na(), order_tagged_na(), sort_tagged_na() (#90, #91)

other improvements:

  • new functions is_user_na() and is_regular_na()
  • new set of unit tests (#99)
  • trying to apply a value label, na_range() or na_values() to a factor will now produce an error
  • bug fix in foreign_to_labelled() for Stata files (#100)
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