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WEC-Sim/WEC-Sim: WEC-Sim v4.4

Kelley Ruehl; Adam Keester; Carlos A. Michelén Ströfer; nathanmtom; Mathew Topper; Michael Lawson; dforbush2; Bradley A. Ling; j-vanrij; jhbates; Lily Nguyen; David Ogden; Jeffalo1; jtgrasb; Sal; sedwardsand; Erick F. Alves; crobarcro; emiliofa; ratanakso; Aquaharmonics; Filip Sauer; Jorge Leon; NREL-Jim-McNally; SiHeTh; gparisella; Matt Hall

  • New Features
    • Added WEC-Sim Library blocks for cable, spherical constraint, and spherical pto #712 #675
    • Added feature to add/remove WEC-Sim path and create temp directory for each run #685 #686
    • Updated WEC-Sim Library to 2020b and saved Simulink Library Functions to (*.m) files #686 #654
    • Split WEC-Sim Library into sublibraries for each class #720
    • Restructured WEC-Sim Continuous Integration tests into class-based tests #620
    • Added wave visualization with wave markers and post-processing #736 #678
    • Moved nonlinear hydrodynamics and morison elements to properties of the Body Class #692
  • Documentation
    • Added developer manual content for WEC-Sim Library, Run from Simulink, Simulink Functions, Added Mass, Software Tests #728
    • Added user manual content for troubleshooting WEC-Sim #641
    • Updated content for PTO-Sim, ParaView, WEC-Sim Applications and Tutorials #668 #642 #649 #643
    • Added multi-version documentation for master and dev branches #630
  • Bug Fixes
    • Resolved bug with macro for ParaView 5.9 #459
    • Resolved bugs in BEMIO with Read_Capytaine, READ_AQWA, and Write_H5 functions #727 #694 #636
    • Resolved bug with variable time-step solver #656
  • Issues and Pull Requests
    • > 57 issues closed since v4.3
    • >54 PRs merged since v4.3

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