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D3.2: Initial Implementation of the Platform - Demonstration

Hugo Gonzalez Labrador; Diogo Castro; Giuseppe Lo Presti; Samuel Alfageme; Ishank Arora; Pedro Ferreira; Milan Danecek; Miroslav Bauer; Daniel Muller; Armin Burger; Piotr Wichliński; Marcin Sieprawski

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      <creatorName>Hugo Gonzalez Labrador</creatorName>
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      <creatorName>Diogo Castro</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Giuseppe Lo Presti</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Samuel Alfageme</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Ishank Arora</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Pedro Ferreira</creatorName>
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      <creatorName>Milan Danecek</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Miroslav Bauer</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Daniel Muller</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Armin Burger</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Piotr Wichliński</creatorName>
      <creatorName>Marcin Sieprawski</creatorName>
    <title>D3.2: Initial Implementation of the Platform - Demonstration</title>
    <subject>Science Mesh</subject>
    <date dateType="Issued">2021-07-09</date>
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    <description descriptionType="Abstract">&lt;p&gt;This document accompanies the Work Package 3 deliverable D3.2 (&amp;quot;Initial implementation of the platform&amp;quot;), available in video format (screen recording) at;amp;;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;The goal of this document is to provide an explanation of the various sections of the demonstration video as well as some background for the use cases and tools.&lt;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;This document will also highlight the main aspects of ScienceMesh&amp;#39;s platform and how it already enables some of the use-cases in the context of Work Package 4 (remote sharing, collaborative editing of documents and access to data science environments).&lt;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;The initial platform consists of two main components:&lt;/p&gt;

	&lt;li&gt;a. The IOP (Inter-Operability Platform)&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;b. The &amp;quot;Central Service&amp;quot;&lt;/li&gt;

&lt;p&gt;The IOP component is a software package which is deployed on each one of the sites, as to allow them to interact with other components of the ScienceMesh. The IOP guarantees compatibility of the use-cases across multiple vendor EFSS (Enterprise File Sync and Share) platforms and allows them to speak the common language of the CS3APIs3, essential to the cross-integration of the various micro-services which constitute the platform. The IOP also provides monitoring information about the health of a mesh node and is continuously reporting these metrics to the Central Service component.&lt;/p&gt;

The Central Service is a collection of different software solutions which will be deployed as a single package. This service is a lightweight management service for the ScienceMesh federation that enables the monitoring and site registration, allowing the operation team of the ScienceMesh to:&lt;/p&gt;

	&lt;li&gt;Register and get an API key which will allow a node to effectively become part of the Mesh;&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;Have access monitoring dashboards (through Grafana) and helpful insights (Prometheus) as well as information which will help the governing bodies ensure a fair distribution of resources within the federation.&lt;/li&gt;

&lt;p&gt;These two use-cases are implemented through the Mentix service. Another component of the Central Service is the Mesh Directory service, which allows the nodes to establish trust relationships between end-users and bootstrap the process through arbitrary communication channels, thanks to the invitation workflow.&lt;/p&gt;</description>
      <funderName>European Commission</funderName>
      <funderIdentifier funderIdentifierType="Crossref Funder ID">10.13039/100010661</funderIdentifier>
      <awardNumber awardURI="info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/EC/Horizon 2020 Framework Programme - Research and Innovation action/863353/">863353</awardNumber>
      <awardTitle>Interactive and agile/responsive sharing mesh of storage, data and applications for EOSC</awardTitle>
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