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Spacing and stability of compact systems

Antoine Petit

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  "description": "<p>Exoplanet transit surveys have revealed the existence of numerous<br>\nmulti-planetary systems packed close to their stability limit. This feature<br>\nlikely emerges from the formation and dynamical history of the system.<br>\nUnderstanding it in detail is thus key to constrain our planet formation<br>\nscenarios. While the stability limit has been known empirically for decades,<br>\nno theoretical explanation was proposed yet. I present a mechanism driving<br>\nthe instability of tightly packed system. Based on the chaotic diffusion<br>\nalong the network of three-planet resonances, it reproduces quantitatively<br>\nthe timescale of instability obtained numerically over several order of<br>\nmagnitude in time and planet-to-star mass ratios. I discuss the observational<br>\nimplications of this model, in particular the expected differences between<br>\nSuper-Earths and terrestrial planet systems.</p>", 
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  "datePublished": "2021-10-25", 
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    "Planet dynamics", 
    "Celestial mechanics"
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  "name": "Spacing and stability of compact systems"
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