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Citizen science project to locate light pollution sources

Lucía García Sánchez-Carnerero; Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel; Emma Howard; Emma Rosenfeld

Miguel Ángel Queiruga Dios
Daniel Lisbona Rubira

As part of the development of the Cities at Night citizen science project, the project team has developed a didactic unit designed to complement in the classroom the knowledge obtained by secondary school students who have joined and participated in the project.

The Didactic Unit is a proposal to work in the classroom with third and fourth-year high school students, locating sources of light pollution through the citizen science project Cities at Night.

Download the Cities At Night Didactic Unit (online version)
Download the Cities At Night Didactic Unit (printable version)

It presents general contents on light pollution, its types and the negative effects of artificial night lighting, to later explain the most efficient way to install lighting sources that minimize these effects.

Subsequently, the Cities at Night project is presented, its objectives and its relationship with citizen science, together with some suggested activities that are adapted to the level of the student body. Finally, some links are indicated to expand information, both for teachers and students.

We intend to present some content that can be implemented in the classroom, and a guide so that both students and teachers can participate in this citizen science project.

Citizen science projects are built with the input of many people. Researchers, disseminators and volunteers of all kinds contribute with their contributions so that the project grows generating a utility for science and society.

The didactic unit has been prepared by Lucía García and Alejandro Sánchez, and has been edited by Miguel Ángel Queiruga. The design and layout has been carried out by Ibercivis. The material is published under a Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0 ES, free and open access, and can be shared, copied and modified, always respecting its authorship.


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