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Iterative obstacle avoidance algorithm for mobile robots

J. Enrique Sierra-Garcia; Marcos Millan; Matilde Santos

Industry 4.0 paradigm is boosting the use of mobile robots in industrial applications. They must travel in areas with humans, obstacles and other vehicles. These robots are equipped with sensors such as lidars that allow them to perceive if there are obstacles close to them. This information can be exploited to avoid losses of performance. To do it, it is necessary to define obstacle avoidance algo-rithms to adjust the path of the robots maintaining a certain safety distance to the obstacles. In this work, an iterative obstacle avoidance for mobile robots is pre-sented. The core idea is to enclose the obstacles in different bounding boxes in an iterative way and using some corners of the bounding boxes points to define the path. The algorithm also decides if the obstacles are avoided from the left or from the right. The algorithm has been intensively validated in simulation with positive results.

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