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A new seismic diagnostics of stellar activity cycles

Valeriy Vasilyev

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  "description": "<p>&nbsp;Magnetic activity affects the observed properties of solar p modes:<br>\nmode frequencies and linewidths increase with solar activity. Using VIRGO/SPM<br>\ndata from solar cycles 23 and 24 we show that solar-cycle variations are<br>\nmeasurable in the temporal autocorrelation function of the p modes. Following<br>\na method developed for local helioseismology, we measure the p-mode travel<br>\ntimes for multiple skips and propose to average these to enhance the<br>\nsignal-to-noise ratio. This method is robust to noise, simpler to implement<br>\nthan peak bagging in the frequency domain, and promising for asteroseismology<br>\napplications. We estimate that the activity cycles of Sun-like stars may be<br>\ndetectable in long photometric time series.</p>", 
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  "datePublished": "2021-10-18", 
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  "name": "A new seismic diagnostics of  stellar activity cycles"
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