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MODOEKvis: R Shiny visualisation tool for the Model Ecosystem Facility (MODOEK)

Haeni, Matthias; Schönbeck, Leonie; Gessler, Arthur; Schaub, Marcus

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  <dc:creator>Haeni, Matthias</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Schönbeck, Leonie</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Gessler, Arthur</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Schaub, Marcus</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>MODOEKvis is a visualisation tool written with R Shiny for the Model Ecosystem Facility (MODOEK) at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL. The data is sourced from the Oracle Database hosted at the WSL, processed with python and R on an Ubuntu machine, and finally published with an R Shiny application.

The tool displays the latest 2016 data, i.e. relative soil water contents (RWC, %) and soil temperatures (°C) from the quarters of each of the 16 MODOEK chambers. Read more about the MODOEK and our ongoing research:

Find the application in place:

Please direct your comments and questions directly to Matthias Haeni (, the programmer of this application), Marcus Schaub (, the principal investigator of MODOEK), or to Leonie Schönbeck (, the current PhD student conducting the research).

Find the most current release here:</dc:description>
  <dc:subject>R Shiny</dc:subject>
  <dc:subject>climate change</dc:subject>
  <dc:title>MODOEKvis: R Shiny visualisation tool for the Model Ecosystem Facility (MODOEK)</dc:title>


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