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Touchstones: A List of Distinguished Children's Books

Perry Nodelman

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  "description": "<p>This pamphlet, published in 1982, lists the books chosen by a committee of the Children's Literature Association as an effort to identify especially noteworthy texts for young readers. It was the basis for the three volume collection of essays about each of the title. for more information about the reasoning behind the project, see the introduction to that series, available for download on</p>", 
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      "affiliation": "University of Winnipeg", 
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      "name": "Perry  Nodelman"
  "headline": "Touchstones: A List of Distinguished Children's Books", 
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  "datePublished": "1985-06-01", 
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  "keywords": [
    "Children's Literature & Culture", 
    "Children's and Young Adult Literature", 
    "Literary Canon", 
    "Canon Formation", 
    "Chldren's Literature", 
    "Children's Literature Association", 
    "History of Children's Literature Studies"
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  "name": "Touchstones: A List of Distinguished Children's Books"
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