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gklyne/annalist: Annalist release 0.5.0: candidate feature-complete for v1.0 minimal viable product


This release contains the first candidate feature-complete functionality for an Annalist V1 software release.

The aim has been to complete features likely to affect the stored data structures used by Annalist, to minimize future data migration requirements. The intent is to use this in several projects to test if it offers minimal viable product functionality for its intended use. Meanwhile, planned developments up to V1 release will focus more on documentation, stability, security and performance concerns.

The main change in this release is simplification the user interface for defining entity views (specifically, fields that contain repeating groups of values) by eliminating the use of separate field group entities.

Other changes include:

  • popup help for view fields (tooltip text) is defined seperately from for general help text in a field definition.
  • the installable collection Journal_defs has been split into Resource_defs and Journal_defs.
  • An annalist-manager subcommand has been aded to migrate data for all collections in a site.
  • A small number of bug fixes

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