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Visualization of networks – analyzing and visualizing connections between (planned) NFDI consortia

Dorothea Strecker; Sama Majidian; Lukas C. Bossert; Évariste Demandt

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    <subfield code="d">27-28 September 2021</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">NFDI4Ing Konferenz</subfield>
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    <subfield code="u">RWTH Aachen University</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">Sama Majidian</subfield>
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    <subfield code="u">RWTH Aachen University</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">Lukas C. Bossert</subfield>
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    <subfield code="u">RWTH Aachen University</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">Évariste Demandt</subfield>
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    <subfield code="u">Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin</subfield>
    <subfield code="0">(orcid)0000-0002-9754-3807</subfield>
    <subfield code="a">Dorothea Strecker</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">Visualization of networks – analyzing and visualizing connections between (planned) NFDI consortia</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">MIT License</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">&lt;p&gt;This repository contains materials used during the workshop &amp;quot;Visualization of networks &amp;ndash; analyzing and visualizing connections between (planned) NFDI consortia&amp;quot; at the NFDI4Ing Community Meeting (NFDI4Ing Konferenz) 2021 on September 28. During the workshop, the network of (planned) NFDI consortia was visualized and analyzed using the statistical software R and the library &lt;code&gt;igraph&lt;/code&gt;.&lt;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;Abstract: Currently, Germany&amp;#39;s National Research Data Infrastructure spans a network of nine funded consortia from the first round and ten from the second round. This workshop enables you to visually display and analyze the network of consortia in your internet browser via a remote Jupyter Notebook. The workshop follows the tradition of literate programming. No prior experience in programming and no locally installed software needed &amp;ndash; let&amp;#39;s weave and tangle !&lt;/p&gt;


&lt;p&gt;The presentation slides for the workshop are stored in the file &amp;quot;&lt;a href=""&gt;NFDI4Ing_Community_Meeting_2021.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&amp;quot;.&lt;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;JupyerNotebook for visualization of networks with R.&lt;/p&gt;

&lt;p&gt;In the interactive part of the workshop we worked with JupyterNotebooks. The documented sample solution is stored in various formats in the folder &lt;em&gt;Notebook&lt;/em&gt;. Direct exports from JupyterNotebook are provided in the following formats:&lt;/p&gt;

	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;JupyterNotebook (R)&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;PDF (via LuaLaTeX)&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;org-mode&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Markdown&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Rscript&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;Webpage&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/li&gt;
	&lt;li&gt;&lt;a href=""&gt;WebSlides&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/li&gt;

&lt;p&gt;This repository is licensed under the MIT License.&lt;/p&gt;</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">10.5281/zenodo.4322756</subfield>
  <datafield tag="024" ind1=" " ind2=" ">
    <subfield code="a">10.5281/zenodo.5543623</subfield>
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    <subfield code="a">software</subfield>
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