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CFARS Site Suitability Initiative: An Open Source Approach to Evaluate the Performance of Remote Sensing Device (RSD) Turbulence Intensity Measurements & Accelerate Industry Adoption of RSDs for Turbine Suitability Assessment

St. Pé, Alexandra; Weyer, Ellie; Campbell, Iain; Arntsen, Alexandra E.; Kondabala, Nikhil; Mibus, Marcel; Coulombe-Pontbriand, Philippe; Black , Andrew H.; Parker, Zach; Swytink-Binnema, Nigel; Jolin, Nicolas; Goudeau, Barrett T.; Meklenborg Miltersen Slot, René; Svenningsen, Lasse; Lee, Joseph C. Y.; Debnath, Mithu; Wylie, Scott; Apgar, Dale; Fric, Thomas; Michaud, Dan; Smith, Elizabeth; Mazoyer, Paul; Tocco, Mackenzie; Guillemin, Fabrice; Teoh, Krystina; Matthew Meyers

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