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jhollist/lakemorpho: v1.2.0 lakemorpho

Jeffrey W Hollister; Jem Stachelek; Justin Bousquin; Katrin Leinweber

lakemorpho 1.2.0 (2021-09-23) Bug fixes
  • @data@values was not returning vector as thought, switched all of these to raster::getValues (thanks to Laura Read for catching this)
  • Fixed volume calcs in calcLakeMetrics with named arguments (Thanks to Viktor Gydemo Östbom for the find)
Function changes
  • added ability to save pseudo bathymetry from lakeVolume to input lake morpho object (thanks to Bahram Khazaei for suggetsion).
  • added slope_quant arqument to lakeMaxDepth to allow for other quantiles besides the median to be used to estimate depth. Median is the default
    (thanks to Arthur Heyman for the suggestion).
  • Added major and minor axis metrics to calcLakeMetrics.
  • lakeVolume now has option for outputting the psuedoBathy raster to the lakeMorpho object.
  • Can now run metrics without a elevation raster. Returns NA if not included for those metrics that need a depth or an elevation raster.
  • Author/Contributor changes and name change.
Other Changes
  • DOI links fixed (thanks, @katrinleinweber)
  • Several typo corrections
  • set rgdal warnings to thin
  • Stale sp objects updated
  • Fixes GH Actions
  • Added new citation file
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