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The life and times of Dr John Dee

Cole, Jordan

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  <dc:creator>Cole, Jordan</dc:creator>

Tag pages now display a map of associated places
Add some more place data
Add metadata to entries
Add calendar key to more entries
Add --font-monospace font stack
Display DOI in monospace
TimestampRange now converts Julian dates to Gregorian when appropriate
Add default_calendar_system setting to _config.yml
Set separate light- and dark-mode theme-colors
Add CITATION.cff file


Add comma after day name on day page
Expand --font-sans-serif font stack
HistoricalDiary::YearPageGenerator uses Julian dates until the Gregorian calendar took effect (1580-10-05), and Gregorian dates after -- before all dates were treated as Julian
TimestampRange now raises HistoricalDiary::TimestampRangeError if the object passed as a timestamp can't be parsed
Year pages now use calendar year instead of legal year
Upgrade Ruby dependencies
Use 'Dee and Emperor Rudolph II' tag
Rename some files from .md to .txt


Fix img-src CSP domain for Mapbox
Fix HistoricalDiary::MapTile alt text formatting
Fix crash in HistoricalDiary::Place#point when there's not an associated data record
Fix crash in HistoricalDiary::MapTile when a point is nil
Convert link URLs to lowercase to fix S3 retrieval
Fix bug that prevented the 'missing content' state from rendering
Change HistoricalDiary::Place to handle case that bounding box are specified but latitude and longitude are not
Adjust TimestampRange's calculated end_date when given a "YYYY" or "YYYY-MM" string -- for "YYYY" the end_date will be YYYY plus one year, and for "YYYY-MM" the end_date will be YYYY-MM plus one month
Fix crash in TimestampRange#parse_raw_timestamp if the object passed as a timestamp can't be parsed
De-duplicate places in places_keys_for_tag Liquid filter
Add explicit webrick gem dependency for Ruby 3
Update markup in place template
Fix issues that caused the index page to only see entries from January first, and that made the year pages always think there was no content
Clean up unnecessary escaping


Remove LegalYear class
  <dc:description>Please cite the following works when using this software.</dc:description>
  <dc:title>The life and times of Dr John Dee</dc:title>
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