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Bane Sullivan; Alex Kaszynski; Guillaume Favelier; Tetsuo Koyama; Andras Deak; Jevin Jones; MatthewFlamm; Rodrigo Mologni; Eric Larson; Phil Chiu; Henrik Åhl; Simon Frei; RichardScottOZ; Shannon Keough; darikg; math-artist; Blue Tyson; Keurfon Luu; dcbr; James Wright; Derrick Chambers; Dieter Werthmüller; Leonardo Uieda; Martin Glesser; aleena; Thomas G.; Alexis Shakas; Anisha Keshavan; Ashley Scillitoe; David Russell

PyVista 0.32.0 Release Notes

The PyVista 0.32.0 release highlights are:

  • Release of three.js plotting backend using pythreejs in #1557
  • Vast improvements in the documentation in #1571
  • Addition of custom readers in #1617 and #1536
  • Refactor of dataset attributes.
  • Support for exporting to html
  • Import/export gLTF in #1489
New Features
  • Adaptive subdivision filter in #1375
  • Context managers for handling errors #1382
  • Add reversing geodesic paths #1381
  • Evenly spaced streamlines filter #1441
  • Add progress bars for all available methods in #1519
  • Add Kochanek Spline function in #1603
Bug fixes or behavior changes
  • Do not return camera position by default in #1478
  • Deprecate DataSet.vectors in #1461
  • Disable warnings on missing xserver #1372
  • Split up filters into individual files in #1385
  • Reset camera clipping when changing position #1446
  • Fix boolean behavior in #1485
  • Refactor MultiBlock in #1506
  • Remove dependency on transforms3d
  • Add Rotate example to the Axes class #1379
  • Use autodocs to match pandas class method documentation style.
  • Add examples to a variety of methods and classes
Release Contributors

A huge shout out to all who helped make this release happen, from seasoned veterans reviewing PRs to first time contributors. Thanks!

  • @AleenaSA
  • @MatthewFlamm
  • @RichardScottOZ
  • @adeak
  • @darikg
  • @hakostra
  • @jrwrigh
  • @tkoyama010
  • @whophil
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