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What is the Average Time It Takes to Write a Good Bachelor Thesis?


No matter whether you're working on a master's or bachelor's thesis, a dissertation adds the final touch to our education. It can take a few days or a few months depending on the university. Or you may need to devote an entire year. We are not talking about writing for a whole year. However, it is important to identify the topic, analyze it and gather all the relevant sources. Writing is just one step of that process.

A Ph.D. thesis can take several years of hard work to complete. Bachelors are easier and quicker to complete. We can also get a lot more help from them. You can find help at If you want to know more about the time it takes to complete a bachelor's thesis, and how you can speed up that process, you can continue reading.

It's a process.

There are two things you should consider when calculating the time it will take to complete your thesis. It depends on which university you are at. The second is whether you are talking about social sciences or other disciplines. There are too many variables to mention. Let's not forget the second. Writing a dissertation is a process. Begin by meeting with a mentor. Here we discuss possible topics and all aspects of planning the actual work.

Although it is possible to complete this in one meeting it takes most of the time at least three to five. Next, we need to go through the process. Each organization has its own rules and we must follow them during the application process. It depends on the faculty as to how long it takes. If you're lucky, it may take a few days. Next step we already mentioned. It is essential to find all relevant sources and analyze them before we can begin writing. It all depends on the topic and your abilities. But we are at least halfway to the writing part.

Don't expect perfection. Set your expectations.

Let's now get to the writing part. How can you speed up the writing process without sacrificing quality? Understanding that this is a bachelor's thesis is a good place to start is understanding that it is not a master's thesis. It doesn't have to be groundbreaking or bring something new to the table. That is why there are higher education dissertations. It is important to demonstrate our knowledge of the topic as well as our ability to synthesize and present. Not every Ph.D. thesis is able to accomplish anything groundbreaking. It will take much longer for someone to achieve their goals if they set unrealistic expectations.

What should you do to write a bachelor's thesis? Read up on the topic. You should read as much as possible from all the sources that you use. The goal is not to improve science, but to prove our knowledge. Once we have established the expectations, it is time to consider our natural desire to make our work perfect. This is a common error and will lead to a longer thesis. It is important to do a good job, but it won't be perfect. Get as much help as you can from your mentor and it will be clear that while it is not difficult to complete, it takes a long time to create something that everyone will love.

You can finish a draft, then make improvements whenever you are able.

Many people believe that writing must begin with the thesis word and end with the last sentence. This is false and we have two important pieces of advice to help you. Start with a rough draft, even if you don't need many details. You might start by making a plan of how many chapters you will have in your thesis. Write about each chapter. It doesn't matter if it is not describing what you will write in great detail in the future. This will help to understand the larger picture behind your thesis.

Once you've completed the final draft, you can skip paragraphs or chapters that you are having a creative block. You can always return to these sections later and continue writing another part of your thesis. Understanding that the thesis should be completed every day is a great help. Although we may not be able to write all the time, that doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to read and think about our work. You should think about the next step, no matter how long it takes.


It is difficult to predict how long it will take to complete a bachelor's dissertation, as we have seen. This is because each university and subject are different. However, as long as you follow a few simple rules, you should be able to write a quality bachelor's thesis in less than a month.


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