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Personal Factors and Fast Food Consumption

Saraniya Devendra

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  "description": "<p>Asian peoples including Sri Lankans are generally fond of cooking food items in their homes. It is understandable that on the other hand, growing knowledge and adoption of western culture bring a modification in food consumption pattern among Sri Lankan families who lives in a particular city area. As such, it is useful to identify the Personal Factors (PF) that influence on Fast Food Consumption (FFC), since the Sri Lankans change their behavior to have fast foods of developed countries from traditional Sri Lankan foods. The aim of this study is to assess the association between PF and FFC in relation to Burger King, KFC, McDonald&rsquo;s, and Pizza Hut. To achieve the goals of this research, the data were collected from convenience sample of 200 customers in Colombo Divisional Secretariat Division. The respondents provided the data by means of a close-ended questionnaire. Data analysis was conducted using SPSS Software. This study empirically examines the significant association between PF as the independent variable and FFC as the dependent variable. The Chi- square analysis explores significant association between some PF and FFC. At the same time different health issues are being addressed and different health campaigns have been carried out to restrict people to avoid most of the fast foods. Therefore, this study will help fast food managers to understand the critical personal factors that influence on consumers&rsquo; fast food consumption behavior and help them to make improvements accordingly.</p>", 
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  "headline": "Personal Factors and Fast Food Consumption", 
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  "name": "Personal Factors and Fast Food Consumption"
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