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pyproj4/pyproj: 3.2.0 Release

Alan D. Snow; Jeff Whitaker; Micah Cochran; Joris Van den Bossche; Chris Mayo; Idan Miara; Jos de Kloe; Charles Karney; Bas Couwenberg; Guillaume Lostis; Justin Dearing; George Ouzounoudis; Filipe; Brendan Jurd; Christoph Gohlke; David Hoese; Mikhail Itkin; Ryan May; Heitor; Bernhard M. Wiedemann; Chris Barker; Chris Willoughby; David Haberthür; Eduard Popov; Jakob de Maeyer; Joe Ranalli; Kristian Evers; Marco Aurélio da Costa; mmodenesi; Martin Raspaud

  • WHL: Wheels contain PROJ 8.1.1
  • DOC: Add new pyproj logo (issue #700)
  • REF: Handle deprecation of proj_context_set_autoclose_database (issue #866)
  • REF: Make CRS methods inheritable (issue #847)
  • ENH: Added (pull #902)
  • ENH: Added (pull #903)
  • ENH: Added (issue #918)
  • ENH: Added inplace kwarg to :meth:pyproj.transformer.Transformer.transform (issue #906)
  • PERF: Disable unnecessary copy in dtype conversion for buffer (pull #904)
  • DOC: Improve FAQ text about CRS formats (issue #789)
  • BUG: Add PyPy cython array implementation (issue #854)
  • BUG: Fix spelling for and (issue #882)
  • BUG: Make datum name match exact in pyproj.database.query_utm_crs_info (pull #887)
  • BUG: Update pyproj.enums.GeodIntermediateFlag for future Python compatibility (issue #855)
  • BUG: Hide unnecessary PROJ ERROR from proj_crs_get_coordoperation (issue #873)
  • BUG: Fix pickling for CRS builder classes (issue #897)
  • CLN: Remove ignore_axis_order kwarg from as it was added by accident (pull #904)
  • CLN: remove numeric/numarrays support (pull #908)
  • LNT: Add pylint & address issues (pull #909)
  • DEP: Remove distutils dependency (pull #917)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release! The detailed bug reports are definitely appreciated. Additionally, thanks to those who help with the distribution!


A total of 2 people contributed patches to this release. People with a "+" by their names contributed a patch for the first time.

  • Brendan Jurd + (Made the new logo!)
  • Alan D. Snow

    Other contributions:

  • Bas Couwenberg - testing the builds with Debian.

  • Jos de Kloe - testing the builds with Fedora.
  • Joris Van den Bossche - PR reviews
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