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Molecular phylogeny of the spoonbills (Aves: Threskiornithidae) based on mitochondrial DNA

Chesser, R. Terry; Yeung, Carol K.L.; Yao, Cheng-Te; Tian, Xiu-Hua; Li, Shou-Hsien

Chesser, R. Terry, Yeung, Carol K.L., Yao, Cheng-Te, Tian, Xiu-Hua, Li, Shou-Hsien (2010): Molecular phylogeny of the spoonbills (Aves: Threskiornithidae) based on mitochondrial DNA. Zootaxa 2603 (1): 53-60, DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.2603.1.2, URL:
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