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eliocamp/metR: metR 0.10.0 - Mesoscale convective system

Elio Campitelli; Matt; Paul Murrell

New Features
  • discretised scales now work better when passing user-supplied limits.

  • New functions to use the International Standard Atmosphere to get height from pressure and vice versa, as well as to use as secondary axis. See ?standard_atmosphere.

  • scale_y_level() and scale_x_level() now print more breaks by default. These functions will probably use this transformation instead of the reverse log transformation in a future release.

  • Translation! Thanks to @MichaelChirico priceless guidance, metR messages are now translatable and already translated to Spanish. If you are using R in a Spanish locale you should be getting messages and error in Spanish. Partial translation to Portuguese is also included.

  • During the process of translating messages, many messages were improved and made more consistent.

  • New Function ResidLm() that returns the residuals of a linear fit.

  • New function Detrend() that, you guessed it, returns a (linearly) detrended version of the input vector.

  • In ReadNetCDF(), the "vars" argument now can take a function. (#142)

  • Discretised scales now support user-defined breaks.

  • seasonally() result will be on the 15th of the centre month of each season instead of on the 1st. This makes the date more representative of the time span and also solves a bug in which dates on the 31st would return NA. This is a potentially breaking change.
  • ReadNetCDF() doesn't fail when reading variables with no dimensions (thanks to @paocorrales, #141).
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