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Increased risk of near term global warming due to a recent AMOC weakening

Bonnet Rémy; Swingedouw Didier; Gastineau Guillaume; Boucher Olivier; Deshayes Julie; Hourdin Frédéric; Mignot Juliette; Servonnat Jérôme; Sima Adriana

This archive contains data from the IPSL-CM6A-LR ensemble of extended historical simulations dataset used in the main Figure of the publication: Bonnet et al., 2021, Nature Communication, "Increased risk of near term global warming due to a recent AMOC weakening".

Corresponding authors: Rémy Bonnet,

Description of the archive:

- Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC in Sv) time series calculated as the maximum of the  Atlantic meridional stream function at 20°N-50°N ( and

- Global near-Surface Air Temperature (GSAT in K) time series ( and

- Time series of the four AMOC fingerprints used:

The netcdf files provided the time series described above for each of the 32 members of the IPSL ensemble ranked from the member 1 to the member 32. Note that the member 2 is not available over the 2030-2059 period. The AMOC and GSAT files covering the 1850-2059 period are therefore composed of 31 members instead of 32, with the second member corresponding to member 3 and so on. A description of the AMOC fingerprints can be found in the associated publication.



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