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lakemorpho: Second CRAN release

Jeffrey W Hollister

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        "affiliation": "U.S. Environmental Protection Agency", 
        "name": "Jeffrey W Hollister"
    "description": "<a class=\"anchor\" href=\"#lakemorpho-102-2016-05-14\"><span class=\"octicon octicon-link\"></span></a>lakemorpho 1.0.2 (2016-05-14)\n\n\n<a class=\"anchor\" href=\"#new-features\"><span class=\"octicon octicon-link\"></span></a>New Features\n\n<ul>\n<li>Added intersect= argument on lakeMaxWidth().  Default is FALSE which finds longest line perpendicular to the maximum length line, but not necessarily intersecting with the maximum length line.  TRUE forces the intersection.  The definition of maximum lake width does not specify whether or not the intersection is required.</li>\n</ul>\n\n\n<a class=\"anchor\" href=\"#bug-fixes\"><span class=\"octicon octicon-link\"></span></a>Bug Fixes\n\n<ul>\n<li>\nlakeMaxWidth() was flipping slope of line on lakes with a maximum lake length that had negative slope.  Tracked down to creating a line with matrix(). Switched to data.frame() and now works.</li>\n<li>\nlakeMaxLength() was using rgeos::gWithin to ID lines that fell inside the lake boundary.  Would occassionally select a line that was outside the boundary on curved lakes (e.g. s-shaped).  Couldn't track down why this was happening, but rgeos::gContains() did not have this same behavior, so replaced gWithin() with gContains.</li>\n<li>switched paste(substitue()) to deparse(substitute()) </li>\n</ul>\n\n\n<a class=\"anchor\" href=\"#api-changes\"><span class=\"octicon octicon-link\"></span></a>API Changes\n\n<ul>\n<li>lakeFetch - bearing parameter no long character, accepts numeric (0-360).<br>\n</li>\n</ul>\n\n\n<a class=\"anchor\" href=\"#minor-changes\"><span class=\"octicon octicon-link\"></span></a>Minor Changes\n\n<ul>\n<li>Fixed several typos in documentation</li>\n<li>Corrected older documenation that doesn't reflect current API</li>\n<li>Re-generated documentation with roxygen2 4.1.0</li>\n<li>\nlakeSurroundTopo() now returns stops and errors when multiple polygons submitted. </li>\n<li>\nlakeMorphoClass() now accepts lake only.  Other arguments have defualt NULL values.</li>\n<li>Default plot accepts NULLS in lakeMorphoClass and plots lines if they exist.</li>\n<li>Added</li>\n<li>Added elevation checks for functions that require it.</li>\n<li>check now error, instead of warns, when wrong input is supplied</li>\n<li>moving main GitHub repository to personal account</li>\n</ul>", 
    "doi": "10.5281/zenodo.51415", 
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      "id": "other-open"
    "publication_date": "2016-05-13", 
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    "title": "lakemorpho: Second CRAN release", 
    "version": "v1.0.2"
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