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DCU Library's Captioning Best Practices and Subtitle Guidelines

O'Neill, Eilís

This manual is based on several best practice guidelines for captioning or subtitling pre-recorded educational videos at a university level. It will help the user to apply best practice recommendations when creating captions with a focus on line breaks and sentence layout, spelling, punctuation, capitalisation, numbering and date and time. It also offers guidance on how to caption sound effects, music, silence and unintelligible audio and describes how to identify multiple speakers. It gives instructions on how to edit automated YouTube subtitles to create highly readable and accurate captions that follow best practice guidelines. The aim of this manual is to increase the accessibility of online educational video content and to boost the learning experience of all viewers, whether they are deaf, hard of hearing or hearing. 

Further guidelines for captioning live broadcasts, entertainment programmes or other scenarios not set out in the manual can be found using the list of references provided with this document.
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