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Data from: Disentangling competitive versus climatic drivers of tropical forest mortality

Pillet, Michiel; Joetzjer, Emilie; Belmin, Camille; Chave, Jérôme; Ciais, Philippe; Dourdain, Aurélie; Evans, Margaret; Hérault, Bruno; Luyssaert, Sebastiaan; Poulter, Benjamin

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                   mean aboveground biomass per individual and  tree
                   density for each plot.</div><div class="o
                   class="o-metadata\_\_file-usage-entry">Data for
                   spatial analysis<div class="o-metadata\_\_file-
                   description">Contains geographic coordinates,
                   year, and plot code for each tree, as well as a
                   status code and whether the tree is dead or
                   alive.</div><div class="o-metadata\_\_file-
                   class="o-metadata\_\_file-usage-entry">Data for
                   mortality model<div class="o-metadata\_\_file-
                   description">Contains data for each individual
                   tree used for mortality modeling: whether the tree
                   is dead/alive, its DBH, the temperature and
                   precipitation in the preceding wet and dry
                   seasons, and the Competition Index using radii of
                   5 and 10 meters.</div><div class="o
                   provided by: National Science
                   Foundation<br>Crossref Funder Registry ID:
                   Number: DGE-1143953</p>}},
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