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DrugProt corpus chemicals and drugs annotation guidelines [CHEMDNER - Biocreative IV]

Rabal, Obdulia; Krallinger, Martin

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  <dc:creator>Rabal, Obdulia</dc:creator>
  <dc:creator>Krallinger, Martin</dc:creator>
  <dc:description>Annotation guidelines (and data selection criteria) used for the annotations of chemical entities of the CHEMDNER, ChemProt and DrugProt corpora.



The annotation guidelines have been refined after iterative cycles of annotations of sample documents. It also incorporated suggestions made by curators as well as observations of annotation inconsistencies encountered when comparing results from different human curators.

The focus for defining the chemical entities annotated for the CHEMDNER task was primarily to capture those types of mentions that are of practical relevance. Therefore the covered chemical entities had to represent those kinds of mentions that can be exploited for linking articles to chemical structure information.


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@article{krallinger2015chemdner, title={The CHEMDNER corpus of chemicals and drugs and its annotation principles}, author={Krallinger, Martin and Rabal, Obdulia and Leitner, Florian and Vazquez, Miguel and Salgado, David and Lu, Zhiyong and Leaman, Robert and Lu, Yanan and Ji, Donghong and Lowe, Daniel M and others}, journal={Journal of cheminformatics}, volume={7}, number={1}, pages={1--17}, year={2015}, publisher={BioMed Central}}


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  <dc:subject>clinical NLP</dc:subject>
  <dc:title>DrugProt corpus chemicals and drugs annotation guidelines [CHEMDNER - Biocreative IV]</dc:title>
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