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An open-access CMIP5 pattern library for temperature and precipitation: Description and methodology.

Lynch, C.; Hartin, C.; Bond-Lamberty, B.; Kravitz, B.

The pattern library is available on GitHub through the Joint Global Change Research Institution repository ( GitHub is a web-based version control repository and Internet hosting service which uses git concepts and commands. The purpose of creating this pattern library was to allow for researchers across various fields to be able to efficiently use the statistical patterns generated by the described regression method to examine model response to change in global mean temperature for all the available CMIP5 models (41 models, at present). We also further intend for those patterns to be easy to scale using a scaler generated from a SCM of ones choosing.

The pattern library contains patterns, generated by the least squared regression methodology, for the first realization of the 41 CMIP5 climate models. Annual, seasonal, and monthly patterns are provided for surface temperature and precipitation. For temperature patterns, units in Celsius were used as it is the standard temperature units for impact analysis.

Included in each netCDF file for each model is:
1. The individual model pattern (2-D);
2. The adjusted R2 between the predictor and dependent terms (2-D);
3. The standard error of the estimated regression coefficient (2-D);
4. A historical climatology based on the 1961-1990 average from each model (2-D), which can be used to construct absolute values at time X;

5. The 95th percentile confidence level pattern for model parameters.

The patterns from all 41 CMIP5 models range in size (165 kB to 1 MB) due to spatial resolution, but all patterns were kept at the native resolution of the dependent variable and no regridding of input/output variables were done. This was done to retain model specific information, which may have been lost if regridded to a common spatial resolution.

All source code used to produce patterns is available in the aforementioned repository. Source code is written in NCAR Command Language (Version 6.3.0;

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