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PermutaTriangle/comb_spec_searcher: Version 4.0.0

Émile Nadeau; Christian Bean; Henning Ulfarsson; Jon Steinn Eliasson; Jay Pantone

[4.0.0] - 2021-06-14 Added
  • Reverse rule default back to the equation of the original rule in case NotImplementedError
  • find_bijection_between tries to find a bijection between classes given a CombinatorialSpecificationSearcher object for both.
  • Added Forest searching capability to the css. Those are specification that can you reverse rule that are not equivalences.
  • Special forward and backward maps, called indexed forward and backward maps. They are to be used for bijections and their purposes is to support bijections for non-injective forward maps by labelling the resulting objects or map from an labelled object.
  • NonBijectiveRule will implement a labelling system for indexed forward and backward maps.
  • EqPathParallelSpecFinder that, on top of the base class, validates any potential path contained in equivalence labels.
  • PartialSpecificationRuleExtractor that extracts rules from partially built specifications and two subclasses with specific applications of that.
  • If a rule in a specification cannot be sanity checked (e.g., counting is not implemented), a warning is printed and sanity checking continues, instead of returning the exception.
  • More responsibility have been delegated to the rule database. This will allow for more flexibility in the implementation of the rule database. Things like computing specification rule now happens at the rule db level.
  • Removed a debug print
  • Sharing of a specification html via gofile API.
  • Moves local Constructor.param_map function outward so that specifications can be pickled.
  • Fix bug in complement constructor counting
  • Fixing a bug in counting for equivalence rule from a reverse rule
  • Fixing in the formal step of reverse equivalence rule. The formal step now state that the rule is reversed.
  • Removed bug in equation of DisjointUnion that ignores multiple CVs mapping to the same in a child
  • Python 3.6 is no longer supported
  • LimitedStrategyRuleDB is not longer part of css
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