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Making repositories part of your digital strategy: experience from the Samvera Community (slides)

Awre, Chris; Jaffer, Nabeela; Cariani, Karen; Morris, Alicia

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    "description": "<p>The aim of this workshop is to provide a space where senior staff involved in strategic planning within their organisations can explore how digital repositories can contribute a key component in the implementation of a digital strategy. Furthermore, the workshop will look at how engagement with, and participation in, an external open-source community can be a part of that contribution. The workshop will use experience from Partners and Adopters within the Samvera Community to provide use cases relevant to these themes. Attendees are encouraged to make use of this workshop to clarify their own needs, discover how Partners and Adopters of the Samvera Community have addressed these needs, and explore how they have aligned their own repository developments with local strategic planning. Alongside delivery of content within the workshop there will be a focus on discussion and Q&amp;A to help identify how to address strategic needs through sharing of experiences.&nbsp;</p>", 
    "language": "eng", 
    "title": "Making repositories part of your digital strategy: experience from the Samvera Community (slides)", 
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    "notes": "These are the slides used for the workshop, for which the recording is available at", 
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        "name": "Jaffer, Nabeela"
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        "name": "Cariani, Karen"
        "affiliation": "Tufts University", 
        "name": "Morris, Alicia"
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