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pyvista/pyvista: Global Theme and Bug Fixes

Bane Sullivan; Alex Kaszynski; Guillaume Favelier; Tetsuo Koyama; Jevin Jones; Andras Deak; Rodrigo Mologni; Eric Larson; MatthewFlamm; Phil Chiu; Henrik Åhl; Simon Frei; RichardScottOZ; Shannon Keough; math-artist; Blue Tyson; Keurfon Luu; dcbr; Derrick Chambers; Dieter Werthmüller; Leonardo Uieda; Martin Glesser; darikg; James Wright; Thomas G.; Alexis Shakas; Anisha Keshavan; Ashley Scillitoe; David Russell; David Stansby

PyVista 0.31.0 Release Notes

This release includes a variety of bug fixes, features, and documentation improvements.

In addition with this release we're adding VTK wheels, including aarch64 build for with and without EGL, EGL wheels, and Python 3.9 (all around 100 MB and built via


Note that vtk-egl wheels are VTK wheels compiled with EGL. They should only be installed on machines where you intend to render only to off_screen. The advantage of these wheels is that they do not require a virtual framebuffer and tend to render better than the vanilla vtk in off_screen mode. These wheels will still be installed as vtk, so if you would like vtk and vtk with EGL installed on the same machine, be prepared to setup a virtual environment.

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  • @MatthewFlamm
  • @akaszynski
  • @fgallardo-mpie
  • @GuillaumeFavelier
  • @Keou0007
  • @RichardScottOZ
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Pull requests merged

A total of 28 PRs were merged for this release.

  • #1357 master Do not mutate scalar_ bar_args
  • #1358 Fix markup bug in show() docstring
  • #1354 Fix screenshot things
  • #1352 Add missing parameters and clean up add_scalar_bar docstring
  • #1351 Add to streamlines Example for using IntegrationTime
  • #1347 Remove Scalarbar when removing Actor
  • #1349 Clean up build vtk docs
  • #1348 Add perlin noise example
  • #1334 Add ability to use cell data with glyph filter
  • #1341 Fix streamlines_from_source doc markup and whitespace
  • #1344 improve build notes
  • #1346 fix interpolation documentation
  • #1345 Add note about the f focus key
  • #1342 Add missing examples import to texture_map_to_sphere docs
  • #1323 Faster multi ray trace retry
  • #1329 Add schedule
  • #1330 Fix Returns in docstrings of streamlines and streamlines_from_source
  • #1325 fix/backwards compat ipyvtk
  • #1326 Add local fixtures in test_polydata, minor style fixes
  • #1322 Fix up and clarify plot, show docs
  • #1318 add trivial module for backwards compatability
  • #1287 Allow dataset source for streamlines
  • #1315 Modifying arrays calls Modified() on associated datasets.
  • #1310 Implement Theme Class
  • #1317 Update
  • #1316 Update
  • #1314 Update dataset.rst
  • #1312 Fix typo for linking clip_surface

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