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ropensci/weathercan: weathercan 0.6.1

Steffi LaZerte; Sam Albers; Nick; Kevin Cazelles; Maëlle Salmon; Jeroen Ooms; ropenscibot

Small changes
  • Save stations() data to local cache
weathercan 0.6.0

(needed to be fixed before could even make release!)

Big changes
  • Move from data frame stations to function stations(). Returns same data but is updateable with stations_dl() and you can check download dates version with stations_meta() (fixes #10)
  • Download climate normals from (fixes #88)
    • More stations available (more than 2x as many!)
    • More year ranges available (1981-2010 and 1971-2000; Note that while climate normals from 1961-1990 are available from ECCC, they don't have climate ids making it tricky to download reliably)
Small changes
  • Remove old deprecated function arguments
  • Better test coverage (#81)
  • Better handling of http errors (#101, #119; Thanks @KevCaz!)
Bug fixes
  • Download stations data frame from ECCC Google drive rather than ECCC FTP site
  • Update dependency versions (#111, #112, #118)
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