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nf-core/eager: [2.3.5] - Aalen (Patch) - 2021-06-04

James A. Fellows Yates; Alexander Peltzer; Thiseas C. Lamnidis; Maxime Borry; ZandraFagernas; Ido Bar; Aida Andrades Valtueña; alexandregilardet; nf-core bot; Maxime U. Garcia; Evan Floden; Phil Ewels; Patrick Hüther; Charles Plessy; Gisela Gabernet; sc13-bioinf; Åshild J. Vågene; Harshil Patel; Olga Botvinnik; Selina Carlhoff; Alex Hübner


  • #722 - Adds bwa -o flag for more flexibility in bwa parameters
  • #736 - Add printing of multiqc run report location on successful completion
  • New logo that is more visible when a user is using darkmode on GitHub or nf-core website!
  • #723 - Fixes empty fields in TSV resulting in uninformative error
  • Updated template to nf-core/tools 1.14
  • #688 - Clarified the pipeline is not just for humans and microbes, but also plants and animals, and also for modern DNA
  • #751 - Added missing label to mtnucratio
  • General code cleanup and standardisation of parameters with no default setting
  • #750 - Fixed piped commands requesting the same number of CPUs at each command step
  • #757 - Removed confusing 'Data Type' variable from MultiQC workflow summary (not consistent with TSV input)
  • #759 - Fixed malformed software scraping regex that resulted in N/A in MultiQC report
  • #761 - Fixed issues related to instability of samtools filtering related CI tests
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