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gtfsio: Read and Write General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) Files

Herszenhut, Daniel; Poletti, Flavio

Padgham, Mark; Pereira, Rafael H. M.; Buckley, Tom
Ipea - Institute for Applied Economic Research

gtfsio offers tools for the development of GTFS-related packages. It establishes a standard for representing GTFS feeds using R data types based on Google’s Static GTFS Reference. It provides fast and flexible functions to read and write GTFS feeds while sticking to this standard. It defines a basic gtfs class which is meant to be extended by packages that depend on it. And it also offers utility functions that support checking the structure of GTFS objects.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug in export_gtfs() when as_dir was set to TRUE and path was set to tempdir() in #15. The function now returns an (intentional) error if tempdir() is passed to path. Thanks Flavio Poletti (@polettif).

New features

  • import_gtfs() has a new skip parameter. It may be used similarly to files, but you specify the files you don't want to read, instead of the ones you do. Thanks Flavio Poletti (@polettif).
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