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pyproj4/pyproj: 3,1,0 Release

Alan D. Snow; Jeff Whitaker; Micah Cochran; Joris Van den Bossche; Chris Mayo; Idan Miara; Jos de Kloe; Charles Karney; Bas Couwenberg; Guillaume Lostis; Justin Dearing; George Ouzounoudis; Filipe; Christoph Gohlke; David Hoese; Mikhail Itkin; Ryan May; Heitor; Bernhard M. Wiedemann; Chris Barker; Chris Willoughby; David Haberthür; Eduard Popov; Jakob de Maeyer; Joe Ranalli; Kristian Evers; Marco Aurélio da Costa; mmodenesi; Martin Raspaud; Matthew Brett

  • DEP: Minimum supported Python version 3.7 (issue #790)
  • REF: Multithread safe CRS, Proj, & Transformer (issue #782)
  • BUG: Disallow NaN values with AreaOfInterest & BBox (issue #788)
  • ENH: Pretty format PROJ string support (issue #764)
  • ENH: Added pyproj.transformer.Transformer.to_proj4 (pull #798)
  • ENH: Added authority, accuracy, and allow_ballpark kwargs to :meth:pyproj.transformer.Transformer.from_crs (issue #754)
  • ENH: Added support for "AUTH:CODE" input to :meth:pyproj.transformer.Transformer.from_pipeline (issue #755)
  • ENH: Added (pull #808)
  • ENH: Added pyproj.transformer.Transformer.transform_bounds (issue #809)
  • ENH: Added (pull #823)
  • ENH: Added initial_idx and terminal_index kwargs to pyproj.Geod.npts (pull #841)
  • ENH: Added pyproj.Geod.inv_intermediate & pyproj.Geod.fwd_intermediate (pull #841)
  • REF: Skip transformations if noop & deprecate skip_equivalent (pull #824)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release! The detailed bug reports are definitely appreciated. Additionally, thanks to those who help with the distribution!


A total of 3 people contributed patches to this release. People with a "+" by their names contributed a patch for the first time.

  • David Hoese +
  • Idan Miara +
  • Alan D. Snow

    Other contributions:

Joris Van den Bossche - PR review & idea to make pyproj threadsafe, Bas Couwenberg - testing the builds with Debian.

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