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Knowledge of Malaria Manifestation and Use of Recommended Preventive Strategies Among Undergraduate Students of Lagos State University, Nigeria

AWONUSI, Opeyemi Oluwaseyi (RN, RM, BNSc.); DR. ALUKO, Joel Ojo

Malaria has been associated with declining the quality of life. This has increased a number of hospital consultations, treatments, and hospitalization. This consistent hospital visitation often leads to low productivity and loss of incomes. In view of the aforementioned, this study investigated the knowledge of malaria manifestation and use of recommended preventive strategies among undergraduate students of Lagos State University, Lagos Nigeria. The study adopted a mixed method of quantitative and qualitative research design. A sample size of 319 students was determined using Cochran formula. Multistage sampling procedure was used to select 319 students from 100-300 levels, while the qualitative used a groups consisting of 6 participants purposely selected for the focus group transcribed through thematically sing Atlas. Result shows that most of the participant got their information from the health workers 135 (43.8%) and majority agreed that malaria breeds from the dirty stagnant water 271(88%), Also, it shows that most of the students acknowledged that elevated temperature (94.2%), dizziness (76.6%), nausea and vomiting (74%), and chills (61%) are symptoms of malaria, while hyperactivity (63%) and low blood pressure (67.9%) were not seen as symptoms of malaria by the majority. The research hypothesis shows that the calculated p-value and r gives 0.006, < 0.05 and 0.156, < 1 which was significant. The study concluded that there is sufficient level of awareness and knowledge about malaria among the undergraduates in Lagos State Universities and they are using the common strategies to prevent themselves against infection. It is therefore recommended that materials that can be used for prevention should be provided free to all the students.



Keywords: Malaria, Manifestation, Mosquito, Preventive Strategies, Undergraduate Students,

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