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sherpa/sherpa: Sherpa 4.13.1

Doug Burke; Omar Laurino; wmclaugh; dtnguyen2; Marie-Terrell; Hans Moritz Günther; Aneta Siemiginowska; Jamie Budynkiewicz; Tom Aldcroft; Christoph Deil; Brigitta Sipőcz; Johannes Buchner; Iva Laginja; Katrin Leinweber; nplee; Todd

Sherpa 4.13.1

This release of Sherpa includes various documentation updates, bug fixes, and infrastructure changes. The default branch in github has been migrated from master to main.

  • documentation changes:
    • updates to documentation for TableModel, Notice2D, cache support for evaluating models, and low level optimization code
    • jupyter notebook uopdates
  • Infrastructure Changes:
    • the master branch has been migrated from master to main
    • updates to support numpy 1.20
    • updates to support astropy 4.2.1
    • updates to support matplotlib 3.4
    • test infrastructure clean up and updates
  • bug fixes:
    • fix an issue with cache evaluation on 1D models using integrated bins
    • fix for aarch64 build issue
    • fix to sherpa citation command
    • fix to honor clearwindow setting for plot_source
    • fix errors from save_data when the output file exists
    • fix build issues using gcc 7.3 with -Werror=format-security compilation flag
    • fix for reg_proj and reg_unc erroring out when the min or max arguments are tuples rather than lists
Details 754 - sample_flux now returns statistic values for each row
The sample_flux command now returns a statistic value for each iteration, 
even if those rows are not used in the reported flux distribution. Fixes #751.
769 - add basic cache tracking
Adds the cache_status and cache_clear methods to models for verifying the 
cache behavior (this is only expected to be used in rare cases). The cache 
code has seen documentation improvements.
946 - rework stats tests
Update the stats tests to use pytest.
960 - Fix model evaluation when changing the integrate setting (fix #958)
Fixes an issue with cache evaluation on 1D models using integrated bins and 
the user has changed the integrate setting of the model.
978 - Use C99 def for INFINITY, NAN, isfinite and isnan to build on aarch64 (fix issue #970)
Use the math constants (IFINITIY, NAN) and funcs (isfinite, isnan, signbit) 
from a C99 compliant compiler if the compiler option -std=c99 or greater is 
used, otherwise use the quantities as defined by the library.
991 - lint changes
Applies a number of flake8-reported warnings to the code base (e.g. excessive 
or missing spaces and new lines).
1000 - Improve sherpa.citation (fix #994 #987)
Fixes the sherpa.citation() command with its default argument (issue #994) and 
adds release 4.12.2 to the hard-coded list of releases. A typo in a warning 
message was fixed (#987).
1001 - Allow command-line arguments for sherpa_test
Allow command-line arguments to be passed to the sherpa_test script. This allows 
running optional tests (e.g. the --runzenodo argument) and to configure the 
pytest configuration (e.g. to run coverage checks with --cov sherpa).
1002 - Fix error with clobber=False for paging - issue #996
Fix an error with clobber=False when the output file exists for several paging 
commands (e.g. show_data and sherpa.citation). Instead of getting a Sherpa IOErr 
being raised a NameError was being raised.
1003 - Fix serialization of iter method data - issue #997
If set_iter_fit_method has been called with a value other than 'none' then the 
output of save_all would be incorrect for the options for the iter-fit method.
1004- flake8 F811 - fix repeated test names
Clean up of several test files to fix repeated test names.
1005 - Add explicit get/set_datadir routines to sherpa.utils.testing
Internal changes to how the test data directory location is set and queried, 
including removing direct support from SherpaTestCase. Added tests for some 
of this functionality, and updated several test files to remove SherpaTestCase 
or use the new datadir functionality.
1008 - rm warning msgs, fix issue #980
Fix the compiler warning messages, by defining kwlist to be static const then 
use the C++ const_cast to remove the const to conform to PyArg_ParseTupleAnd
Keywords prototype
1012 - Tests: allow test_ui tests to be run with pytest-xdist
Allow the tests to be run with pytest-xdist.
1016 - Jupyter notebook representation not ideal if model components don't have unique names - issue: #1013
Fix an error in the HTML display of a model (used in the notebook) when two 
model components have the same name.
1017 - reword remark on normalization of Lorentz function
Updated the comments pertaining to Lorentz function for clarity
1018 - Fix ShekelModifiedInit missing init par vals
This PR fixes the missing initial fitted parameter values for the 
ShekelModifiedInit function. A fix for issue #1011
1028 - Update region lib code to correct build issues with gcc 7.3.0 compile
Corrects issue building with gcc 7.3.0+ compilers with the 
-Werror=format-security compilation flag
1034 - Add contextmanager and docs on how to control the output level of sherpa
Sherpa uses logging for much of its output, this adds a docs and a context 
manager for controlling the output level for a particular piece of code.
1039 - Add docs for basic.TableModel
Added missing documentation for TableModel class 
1049 - CI: pip submodule test to report coverage
Report the coverage data from the pip CI run. This only changes the GitHub 
Actions runs.
1053 - Release 4.13.0
Updates to support the 4.13.0 release
1054 - Post 4.13.0 updates
Updates the Zenodo DOI reference in the to include 4.13.0.
1057 - Fix plot_source clearwindow setting
The plot_source function was ignoring the clearwindow parameter (always using 
True) in calls to plot_source for non-PHA data. This was only for 
sherpa.astro.ui.plot_source (so sherpa.ui.plot_source did not have this problem).
1058 - Store the opstr of model combinations (unary and binary)
Store the operator string as well as the operator when creating the unary and 
binary operator expressions for models.
1062 - Minor code cleanup of sherpa.astro.ui.utils
The sherpa.astro.ui.utils module has seen a number of minor clean-ups, addressing 
pylint-reported issues.
1067 - Improve testing of sherpa.astro.ui.utils
Improve coverage of the sherpa.astro.ui.utils and require pytest 3.9.0 or later 
for testing Sherpa.
1068 - clean up typos in sherpa/plot code
Fixed several typos noticed while reviewing plot related fix for #1057
1072 - Update load_data to match load_pha for PHA2 data
Ensure that load_data behaves like load_pha when given a PHA2 dataset.
1076 - sample_flux now uses the id argument
The sample_flux routine now uses the id argument rather than always using the 
data from the default dataset. Fixes #752
1078 - Add error checking for exceptional cases for sample_flux
Ensure that sample_flux errors out if the Xrays argument is False (as this code 
path is currently broken) or if the confidence argument is invalid.
1082 - Improve documentation for notice2d
Minor improvements to the documentation of notice2d and ignore2d set of commands. 
Fixes #1059
1086 - Use the logging infrastructure for sample_flux output
The screen output from sample_flux is now generated by the Sherpa logger and 
so can be hidden by the user if required.
1088 - Allow two optimization test to pass
Address an issue in the optimization tests that meant two tests were failing. 
This only changes the test code and makes no change to the behavior of the 
1092- Numpy 1.20 warnings
Avoid test failures due to new warnings added by NumPy 1.20
1094 - Cleanup multi-plot code
Rework the code that handles the plot_fit_xxx and plot_bkg_fit_xxx calls. 
There should be no user-visible changes.
1096 - Reduce direct access to plot objects
Changes to the internals of the plot code, to access information via methods 
rather than direct access, which improves encapsulation and reduces code 
1098 - Bump DS9 version to 8.2 for CI
Bump DS9 version used in CI tests from 8.1 to 8.2.
1100 - Address reg_proj and reg_unc failures (fix #1093)
Calls to reg_proj and reg_unc could error out when the min or max arguments 
were set to tuples rather than lists. The code now converts these attributes 
to lists, which can result in changes to the string output of the objects (use 
of '[]' brackets rather than '()'). Fixes #1093
1101 - Address upper limit issues with sample_flux (fix #457)
sample_flux no-longer excludes samples at the parameter bounds (soft) when 
calculating the flux distribution. This could lead to an over-estimation of 
the flux for upper limits (Fix #457).
1104 - Add basic documentation for the low-level optimization code
Add and update documentation on the interfaces used by the low-level 
optimization code. Ensure that the plot classes are fully included in the 
1105 - Consolidate and harmonize the validation of dataset identifiers
Simplify the code used to validate dataset identifiers. Several names can 
no-longer be used as an identifier ('astrocompmodel', 'astrocompsource', 
'astrodata', 'astromodel', 'astrosource', 'model_component', and 
'source_component') and two can now be used ('energy' and 'photon').
1108 - Read RMFs where N_CHAN is an array
Allow the pyfits backend to read a wider range of RMF files
1111 - Minor test updates
Minor updates to the test code, including a small enhancement to the tests run by 
the smoke_test command.
1112: XSPEC: require model evaluation to be sent low and high grid values
XSPEC model classes must now be evaluated with bin edges - that is with 
low,high bins. The support for sending in a single grid and treating it a 
consecutive set of bins has been marked as deprecated from the model class 
interface. This feature is still supported for anyone evaluating the models 
directly from the sherpa.astro.xspec._xspec module or via the _calc method.
1116: Add parameter-based tests for the PSF model
Adds several tests of edge-case handling of parameters for PSF convolution models.
1117 - Docs: improve cache discussion and documentation
Improve the discussion of the cache support when evaluating models.
1120 - Switch default branch to main
Change the default branch from master to main. Also  includes minor documentation 
updates ( updates to switch to main, to reference GitHub Actions 
instead of Travis, and to remove a note about Python 3.5 support).
1121- Hide AstroPy 4.2.1 FITS-related warnings now creates warning messages about invalid FITS structures 
when given a non-FITS file. This updated hides those warning messages since 
routines such as attempts to open files (including ascii 
files) as FITS. 
1122 - Update ds9 download
Update DS9 tests to use ubuntu18 and darwinhighsierra as ubuntu14 and darwinsierra 
are no longer supported. The DS9 version has been bumped from 8.2 to 8.2.1 as this 
is the latest version.
1125: Support Matplotlib 3.4
Matplotlib 3.4 changes how the drawstyle argument is handled in some functions. 
This change removes the use of this argument for those functions.
1126 - Tweak plot docs

Adds a new notebook that shows off a number of plots created with matplotlib and exports the ScatterPlot, TracePlot, CDFPlot, PDFPlot, and LRHistogram classes from sherpa.plot.

1130: Fix save_data when the output file exists
Fix problems when save_data is used with clobber=False but the output file already 
exists. Fixes #1071
1132 - Update XQuartz for GH Actions workflow
Updates the xQuartz download location and version for the GitHub Actions Conda tests
1139 - Fix typo in Zenodo test that made it fail
Fixed a typo in the zenodo test which gets only run via the --runzenodo flag 
1142 - Add instruction for source build on Mac
Add instruction for source building on Mac that were previously only part of the 
internal release notes.
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